English Idioms You Should Learn

Everyday english idioms for practice

Hello everyone, in today’s lesson we are going to look at English idioms. So, you know when people say stuff like “Spill the beans” or “In a nutshell”? Those are what we call English idioms! They’re basically phrases that don’t mean exactly what the words say. Instead, they have a hidden meaning that’s understood by … Read more

Common English Idioms with Meanings

Everyday english idioms for practice

In this post, I am going to be talking about idioms. Now, idioms are like the secret sauce that adds flavor to the English language! They’re those quirky, colorful expressions that make conversations pop and give our language a playful twist. Also read: The Importance of English Grammar What Are Irregular Verbs? Irregular Verbs Made … Read more

Common English Business Idioms

Business english idioms

In this lesson, we are going to learn 20 business idioms in detail. These are business idioms and should be used at workplace or wherever you feel like using them. There is no hard and fast rule. I suggest that you read the example sentence carefully. Also, pay attention the context we can use them … Read more

C1 and C2 English Idioms

c1 and c2 english idioms

You really need to be on the ball if you’re going to follow this lesson because I am going to teach you different C1 and C2 idioms to help you build your vocabulary and improve your skills when having a casual conversation. On the ball So, let’s begin with an idiom that I’ve already mentioned … Read more

English Idioms and Phrases

English Idioms and Phrases

Hey everyone, welcome to today’s blog, which is all about idioms and expressions. And this is very useful because we often use idioms in informal conversation. This is going to be very good for your speaking fluency if you want to try and use these idioms depending on the situation that you’re in. The idioms … Read more

What Are English Idioms? (Updated 2024)

What are english idioms

Introduction: Ever wondered why English speakers say things like “hit the hay” or “kick the bucket”? Welcome to the whimsical world of English idioms – the secret sauce that adds spice to our conversations. In this blog, we’ll take a casual stroll through the enchanting universe of idioms, unraveling their meanings, origins, and how they … Read more

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