How to Become An Online English Teacher in 2024

how to teach english online

Introduction: Hello future educators! If you’ve ever dreamed of sharing your love for English with students from around the globe, becoming an online English teacher might just be your calling. In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps, from nailing the basics to creating an engaging virtual classroom. So, grab your favorite cup of … Read more

Modal Verbs – Meaning, Usage & Examples

Understanding modal verbs

Introduction: Modal verbs – those sneaky words that add a dash of magic to our sentences. They’re like the magicians of language, casting spells to express possibilities, abilities, and necessity. In this blog, let’s go on a journey through the world of modal verbs, unraveling their secrets and understanding how they bring flavor to our … Read more

How to Build English Vocabulary: 10 Tips for Success

how to use dictionary

Introduction Importance of vocabulary in English language proficiency Having a rich vocabulary is crucial for mastering the English language. Vocabulary forms the building blocks of communication, allowing us to express ourselves effectively and understand others. A strong vocabulary enhances all aspects of language proficiency, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It enables us to articulate … Read more

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