English Sentences with LEST

Sentences with "lest"

Hello everyone! Have you ever stumbled upon the word “lest” while reading a book or listening to a conversation and found yourself scratching your head, wondering what it means and how to use it? Fear not! In this blog post, we’ll go into the world of “lest” – a word that may seem old fashioned … Read more

Examples of Adjectives in Sentences

Sentences with adjectives

Hello everyone, in today’s lesson we are gonna talk about sentences with adjectives! If you’ve ever wondered how to make your descriptions more interesting or how to add details to your writing, you’re in the right place. Adjectives are special words that help us describe people, places, and things in a colorful way. In this … Read more

Everyday English Sentences – GOING – DOING – BEING

Everyday English Sentences - GOING - DOING - BEING

In this lesson, we are going to look at sentences with “Going”, “Doing”, and “Being”. These are everyday English sentences. These sentences will help you speak English confidently and in a better way. Try reading them loudly as this will improve your pronunciation. If you are not sure about the pronunciation of any particular word, … Read more

Daily Routine Sentences in English

Daily routine sentences in English

Hello everyone, In this lesson, I’m talking about a lot of “daily routine sentences”. These sentences will not only help you communicate well but also make you a confident person.  So, what are you waiting for? Read them carefully and loudly (if you wish to work on pronunciation).    Daily Routine Sentences Every morning, I … Read more