English Dialogues About Concerts

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In today’s lesson, we will read 3 short English dialogues about concerts.

Please pay attention to the phrases and new words. There are tons of them.

These dialogues will help boost your speaking as well as writing skills.

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English Dialogues About Concert – 1

Alex: Hey Jamie, did you hear about the concert happening downtown next weekend?

Jamie: No, I haven’t! Who’s performing?

Alex: It’s The Lumineers! They’re doing a special summer tour, and our city is one of the stops.

Jamie: Oh wow, I love The Lumineers! Their live performances are supposed to be amazing. Have you seen them before?

Alex: Yeah, I saw them a couple of years ago. They were incredible. The energy they bring to the stage is just unreal. You have to experience it to believe it.

Jamie: That sounds awesome. Do you know where it’s going to be?

Alex: It’s at the Riverside Amphitheater. It’s a great venue, especially for an outdoor concert. The atmosphere is always fantastic there.

Jamie: Perfect! Have you got tickets already?

Alex: I actually just got mine yesterday. There are still some left, but they’re selling out pretty fast. Do you want to come with me?

Jamie: Absolutely! Let me check if I can get a ticket. How much are they?

Alex: They’re around $75 for general admission, but it’s worth it. The view and sound quality are great no matter where you are.

Jamie: Not too bad for a concert like this. I’ll get mine today. What time does it start?

Alex: The gates open at 6 PM, and the opening act starts at 7 PM. The Lumineers should be on by 8:30 PM.

Jamie: Sounds like a perfect evening. Maybe we can grab dinner beforehand?

Alex: That’s a great idea. There’s a new Italian place near the venue that I’ve been wanting to try. How about we meet there at 5?

Jamie: Perfect! I’ll make a reservation. I’m really looking forward to this. Thanks for the heads-up, Alex.

Alex: No problem! It’s going to be a fantastic night. Can’t wait!

English Dialogues About Concert – 2

Sam: Hey Taylor, are you going to the music festival this weekend?

Taylor: I wasn’t planning on it. What festival are you talking about?

Sam: The Summer Vibes Festival! It’s a three-day event with tons of artists performing. I thought you’d be all over it.

Taylor: Oh, I’ve heard of that! Who’s headlining this year?

Sam: On Friday, it’s Post Malone, Saturday has Billie Eilish, and Sunday is The Weeknd.

Taylor: Wow, that’s a stellar lineup. I love all three of them. Are there still tickets available?

Sam: Last I checked, there were some weekend passes left, but single-day tickets are almost gone. You should grab them soon if you’re interested.

Taylor: I’m definitely interested. How much are the weekend passes?

Sam: They’re around $250, but it’s worth it for three days of amazing music and all the other festival activities.

Taylor: Yeah, that’s not bad for everything included. What time do the gates open each day?

Sam: Gates open at noon, and the music starts around 1 PM. There are also food trucks, art installations, and some cool interactive experiences.

Taylor: Sounds like a blast. Are you going all three days?

Sam: Yep! I got my weekend pass a month ago. A few of our friends are going too. We’re planning to make a whole weekend out of it.

Taylor: That sounds fun. I’ll check out the tickets today and hopefully join you guys. Do you have any tips for a first-timer?

Sam: Definitely! Wear comfortable shoes, stay hydrated, and maybe bring a portable charger for your phone. Also, get there early if you want a good spot for the headliners.

Taylor: Great advice. Thanks, Sam. I’ll let you know once I’ve got my ticket. This is going to be an epic weekend!

Sam: For sure! Can’t wait to hang out and enjoy some amazing music together. Let me know if you need any more info.

Taylor: Will do. See you this weekend.

English Dialogues About Concert – 3

Mia: Hey Ryan, did you hear about the charity concert happening this Saturday?

Ryan: No, I haven’t. What’s the occasion?

Mia: It’s for the local children’s hospital. They’re raising funds for new equipment. A bunch of local bands are performing, and they’ve even got a few bigger names coming in to support.

Ryan: That sounds like a great cause. Who’s performing?

Mia: The headliner is Imagine Dragons! Plus, a few local favorites like The Night Owls and Sunflower Street are opening.

Ryan: Imagine Dragons? That’s amazing! I love their live shows. Have you got tickets yet?

Mia: Yeah, I bought mine as soon as I heard about it. Tickets are only $50, and all the proceeds go to the hospital.

Ryan: That’s a steal for a concert like this, especially with it being for charity. Where is it happening?

Mia: It’s at Central Park. They’re setting up a big stage near the lake, so it should be a really nice setup.

Ryan: Central Park is perfect for a concert. Do you know what time it starts?

Mia: The gates open at 4 PM, and the music starts at 5 PM. Imagine Dragons are scheduled to go on around 8 PM.

Ryan: Sounds like a fun evening. I’m definitely in. I’ll get my ticket today. Anything else going on at the event?

Mia: Yeah, there will be food trucks, a silent auction, and some activities for kids. It’s a family-friendly event, so there’s something for everyone.

Ryan: That’s awesome. Maybe we can meet up earlier and check out the food trucks before the concert starts?

Mia: Sure, that sounds great! How about we meet at 3:30 PM by the main entrance?

Ryan: Perfect. I’ll be there. Thanks for the heads-up, Mia. I’m really looking forward to this.

Mia: No problem! It’s going to be a fantastic evening for a good cause. See you on Saturday!

Ryan: See you then!


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