Home Sweet Home: A Look at 25 Idioms About Home

Hello everyone,

People say there’s no place like home.

Home is where your heart is. It’s a cozy and safe place away from the outside world.

Different people and cultures have different meanings for home.

This is shown in the many idioms and expressions about home that we use every day.

Today, we will learn about 25 fun idioms related to home.

I will explain each one in an easy way to understand where it comes from and what it means.

Are you ready to learn?

Let’s start our adventure into the world of home idioms!

1. Bring home the bacon

Meaning: To earn the money that supports a household or family.
Origins: This idiom likens the bread-winner’s role to bringing home meat (bacon) to feed the family. It became popular in the 1900s when bacon was considered an important household staple.


2. An Englishman’s home is his castle

Meaning: One’s home is a place where they have full control and authority, just like a king rules their castle.
Origins: This saying emphasizes the inviolable rights of the homeowner. It can be traced back to the 1600s.


3. Home is where you hang your hat

Meaning: Your home is wherever you choose to live and feel settled, rather than your place of origin.
Origins: This expression paints a picture of hanging your hat on a hook, suggesting you’ve arrived at your destination or resting place.


4. If these walls could talk

Meaning: If the walls or house itself could speak, it would reveal many private stories and secrets from the events that occurred within.
Origins: An old saying used when hinting at untold stories or happenings in a particular place.


5. From hunger castle

Meaning: Extremely impoverished, barely having enough to eat.
Origins: ‘Hunger castle’ refers to a state of extreme poverty where food is scarce, likening the home to a barren castle.


6. Keeping the home fires burning

Meaning: Maintaining a functional household or keeping domestic matters in order while others are away.
Origins: This likely originated from keeping the hearth fires lit at home while the breadwinner was out working.


7. Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth

Meaning: To be born into a wealthy family and grow up never experiencing poverty.
Origins: This refers to the old tradition of gifting a silver spoon or utensil to babies born into rich households.


8. Make yourself at home

Meaning: An invitation for a guest to relax and act as comfortably as they would in their own home.
Origins: A hospitable saying meant to put visitors at ease in someone else’s house.


9. There’s no place like home

Meaning: Your home is the most comfortable, reassuring, and desirable place to be.
Origins: This famous line is from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz novel (1900) by L. Frank Baum.


10. Home away from home

Meaning: A place where one can relax and feel as comfortable as they would at their own home.
Origins: Used to describe hotels, resorts, or other establishments that try to provide a cozy, homelike experience.


11. Go home with egg on your face

Meaning: To be embarrassed or humiliated, especially after failing at something.
Origins: The image depicts someone having egg remnants on their face after an egg was thrown at them.


12. A woman’s place is in the home

Meaning: An old-fashioned view that a woman’s role is exclusively related to domestic duties and homemaking.
Origins: This saying reflected the once-prevalent gender bias that confined women to the household.


13. Home is where the heart is

Meaning: Your true home is wherever you feel the most happiness and emotional attachment.
Origins: An old proverb suggesting that physical dwellings are secondary to the people and relationships that define “home.”


14. Charity begins at home

Meaning: You should prioritize helping and taking care of your own family before extending aid to others.
Origins: An English proverb encouraging looking after one’s household needs first. ‘Home’ here means your household or family.


15. Roof over one’s head

Meaning: Basic shelter or housing that covers one’s most essential needs for a home.
Origins: A vivid way of expressing having at least the minimum housing requirements met.


16. A home-cooked meal

Meaning: A meal prepared at home, often with more care and fresh ingredients than at a restaurant.
Origins: Emphasizes the value placed on home cooking and the comforts of home-made food.


17. A home truth

Meaning: An unpleasant or harsh fact or reality that is difficult to accept.
Origins: Describing a candid truth, one would only speak openly at home with loved ones.


18. For the sake of HOME

Meaning: An expression used to justify doing something you normally wouldn’t do, for the well-being of your family or household.
Origins: “HOME” is an acronym that stands for “Household’s Overriding Most Everything.”


19. Bringing something home

Meaning: To vividly comprehend or fully understand a truth, lesson or situation.
Origins: Describes grasping the significance of something in a personal, relatable way, as if it “hits home.”


20. Homebody

Meaning: A person who enjoys being at home and avoids leaving or going out frequently.
Origins: Combines ‘home’ with ‘body,’ emphasizing someone physically staying within their home environment.


21. Home on the range

Meaning: A phrase referring to the wide-open prairies and rural ranching lands of the American West.
Origins: From the famous song “Home on the Range” that romanticizes the scenic beauty of the Great Plains.


22. Hitting close to home

Meaning: A comment, event or truth that feels very personally relevant or impactful.
Origins: Describes something that metaphorically “strikes” very close to one’s own home and life circumstances.


23. Castle in the air

Meaning: An unrealistic, fanciful, or impractical idea that will likely never materialize.
Origins: Visualizes a grand castle floating among the clouds, impossible to build or inhabit in reality.


24. Return to sender

Meaning: To send something back to where it originated from, often unwanted mail or packages.
Origins: A phrase printed on letters and parcels to be returned to the sender’s address.


25. Home stretch

Meaning: The final portion or stage of an activity, race or journey.
Origins: Refers to the last straightaway of a racetrack, where the horses or runners head directly home to the finish line.

That’s all 25 cool sayings about “home” that we use all the time.

They talk about everything from being poor to being rich, feeling embarrassed to being successful.

These sayings cover all kinds of experiences related to the idea of home.

So, next time you say one, you’ll know what they really mean and why we use them!


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