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In today’s lesson, we are going to talk about North East India. Let’s deep dive into it and know more about it.

North East India is a place full of beautiful scenery and interesting traditions that many people haven’t had the chance to explore yet.

Tucked away in the eastern Himalayas, this area has amazing natural beauty, a wide variety of plants and animals, and a mix of different cultural backgrounds.

In this lesson, we’re going to take a closer look at all the amazing things North East India has to offer, from its stunning views to its fun celebrations, delicious foods, and friendly locals.

Geography and Biodiversity of North East

The North East region of India has eight states: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura.

North East Biodiversity
North East Biodiversity (Image credit: Incredible India)

Each state has its own special geography, like beautiful valleys and snowy mountains, dense forests, and stunning waterfalls.

Arunachal Pradesh is called the “Land of the Rising Sun”, and it has amazing forests, sparkling rivers, and grand mountains.

It is also home to different tribal communities, each with their own unique customs and traditions.

Assam is famous for its tea gardens and the one-horned rhinoceros.

It captivates visitors with its lush tea estates, wildlife sanctuaries, and the powerful Brahmaputra River that flows through it.

Manipur is a beautiful place known for its stunning scenery, ancient temples, and traditional art forms like Manipuri dance.

The Loktak Lake, with its floating islands, is truly amazing.

Meghalaya (Image Credit: iStock)

Meghalaya is called the “Abode of Clouds” and has breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, and living root bridges.

Cherrapunji, one of the rainiest places on earth, is found here.

Mizoram is famous for its lovely hills and peaceful lakes, offering a serene escape in the midst of nature.

The state’s rich culture can be seen in its festivals, music, and handicrafts.

Nagaland is well-known for its Hornbill Festival and diverse tribal cultures.

The rugged terrain, lively festivals, and friendly people make it a top destination to visit.

Sikkim: Tucked away in the mighty Himalayas, Sikkim captivates visitors with its snowy mountain tops, crystal-clear lakes, and peaceful Buddhist monasteries.

The vibrant Tsomgo Lake and the historic Rumtek Monastery are loved by many.

Tripura: Immersed in captivating stories from the past, Tripura proudly displays its ancient temples, majestic palaces, and lush green surroundings.

The state’s fascinating culture is brought to life through its traditional dances, melodious music, and lively festivals.

Cultural Diversity and Festivals:

The Northeast region of India is a colorful tapestry of diverse cultures, just like its breathtaking landscapes.

Each state celebrates a multitude of festivals that showcase their unique heritage and customs.

Bihu Festival
Bihu Festival (Image credit: Adventure River Cruises)

Bihu (Assam): The lively Bihu festival is celebrated three times a year to mark the Assamese New Year and to celebrate the harvest and fertility.

It includes traditional dances, music, and delicious food.

Hornbill Festival (Nagaland): Named after the state bird, this week-long Hornbill Festival showcases the cultural heritage of Nagaland’s tribes with folk dances, games, and local dishes.

Hemis Festival (Sikkim): Celebrated at the Hemis Monastery, this festival honors the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, with colorful masked dances and religious ceremonies.

Ziro Music Festival
Ziro Music Festival

Ziro Music Festival (Arunachal Pradesh): Set in the beautiful Ziro Valley, this music festival brings together indie artists from all over the country to celebrate music, art, and nature.

The Wangala Festival, also known as the Hundred Drums Festival, is a harvest celebration by the Garo tribe with traditional dances, drumming, and lots of fun.

North East Food


North East Cuisine
North East Cuisine (Image Credit: iStock)

The food scene in North East India is as varied as its culture, with each state offering a unique selection of tastes and treats.

Assamese Food: Assamese cuisine is known for its fresh herbs, bamboo shoots, and fish.

Don’t miss out on Assam tea, masor tenga (sour fish curry), and a variety of pithas (rice cakes).

Naga Food: Naga cuisine is famous for its spicy flavors and use of locally sourced ingredients.

Some top dishes include smoked pork with bamboo shoots, akhuni (fermented soybean), and bamboo steamed fish.

Manipuri Cuisine: Manipuri food is a yummy mix of rice, fish, and fresh veggies.

You must try Eromba (a spicy fish stew), kangshoi (mixed vegetable stew), and chak-hao kheer (black rice pudding).

Sikkimese Cuisine: Sikkimese food is influenced by Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.

People love momos (steamed dumplings), thukpa (noodle soup), and gundruk (fermented leafy greens) here.

North East Pork Cuisine
North East Pork Cuisine (Image credit: Telegraph India)

Meghalayan Cuisine: Meghalayan food revolves around rice, pork, and local herbs.

Jadoh (rice cooked with pork), dohneiiong (pork cooked with black sesame seeds), and tungtap (fermented fish chutney) are the main dishes.

Warm Hospitality and Adventure: Besides the stunning nature and rich culture, what makes North East India special is the friendly and welcoming nature of its people.

Visitors are greeted with open arms and treated with genuine kindness wherever they go.

Furthermore, the North East region is full of exciting opportunities for people who love adventure.

You can go on thrilling treks in the majestic Himalayas or experience the adrenaline rush of river rafting in the Brahmaputra.

If you’re a wildlife lover, you can embark on safaris in Kaziranga or discover the unique living root bridges of Meghalaya.

Every part of North East India is calling out to you, promising new adventures and unforgettable memories.

So, North East India is like a hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered.

Its stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, and friendly people will transport you to a world that is both magical and educational.

Whether you’re someone who loves nature, enjoys learning about different cultures, or seeks thrilling experiences, North East India has something special for everyone.

So, get ready to pack your bags and go on a journey to uncover the hidden gems of this interesting region.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


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