Advanced Topics to Discuss in English

In this lesson, we’ll be looking at 7 advanced English topics with 10 questions each to discuss with advanced English learners.

These questions are really helpful if you want your students to talk freely and think in a logical way. 

I am happy to share the topics/questions I have been using to get people talking, build fluency and make connections.

The Power of Storytelling and Narrative:

How do stories and narratives shape our understanding of the world around us?

Can you share a story that has had a profound impact on your life or worldview?

What makes a story compelling or memorable to you?

How do you think storytelling can be used to inspire change or drive action?

Can you recommend a book, movie, or podcast that tells a particularly powerful story?

How do you incorporate storytelling into your everyday life, whether personally or professionally?

What role do you think empathy plays in effective storytelling?

Can you share a cultural or traditional story that has been passed down through generations?

How do you approach crafting a narrative that resonates with others?

What’s one story you’ve heard or read recently that has stuck with you?

Dreams and Their Interpretation:

How do you perceive the significance of dreams in your life?

Can you share a dream that you found particularly intriguing or meaningful?

How do you interpret your dreams, and what methods do you use for analysis?

Have you ever had a dream that felt like it had a direct impact on your waking life?

Can you recommend a resource or book for understanding dream symbolism and interpretation?

How do cultural or personal beliefs influence the interpretation of dreams?

What role do recurring dreams play in understanding our subconscious thoughts and emotions?

Can you share a dream that prompted you to make a significant life decision or change?

How do you distinguish between random dreams and those with deeper symbolic meanings?

What’s one common dream theme or symbol that many people experience?

DIY Projects and Creative Endeavors:

What motivates you to embark on DIY projects or creative endeavors?

Can you share a DIY project that you’re particularly proud of, and what inspired it?

How do you find inspiration for your creative projects?

Have you ever turned a hobby or DIY project into a side hustle or business?

Can you recommend a DIY tutorial or resource for beginners looking to get started?

How do you overcome challenges or setbacks during DIY projects?

What role do DIY projects play in fostering creativity and innovation?

Can you share a memorable experience from a DIY project gone wrong, and what you learned from it?

How do you balance between following tutorials and adding your own unique twist to DIY projects?

What’s one DIY project you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had the chance to yet?

Leadership Styles and Effective Management Techniques:

What qualities do you think are important for effective leadership?

Can you share an example of a leader who has inspired you, and what leadership qualities they possess?

How do different leadership styles impact team dynamics and productivity?

Have you ever had a manager or leader who used an unconventional approach to leadership? What was the outcome?

Can you recommend a book or resource on leadership that has influenced your approach?

How do you handle conflict resolution and team motivation as a leader or manager?

What role do empathy and emotional intelligence play in effective leadership?

Can you share a leadership lesson you’ve learned from a past experience, whether positive or negative?

How do you adapt your leadership style to different situations or team members?

What’s one piece of advice you would give to aspiring leaders or managers?

Social Justice Movements and Activism:

What social justice issues are you passionate about, and why?

Can you share an experience where you participated in or supported a social justice movement?

How do you think social justice movements have evolved over time, and what progress has been made?

Have you ever encountered resistance or backlash while advocating for social justice? How did you respond?

Can you recommend a book or documentary that sheds light on a specific social justice issue?

How do you stay informed about current social justice movements and activism efforts?

What role do you think privilege plays in driving social justice initiatives?

Can you share a success story or example of positive change resulting from social justice activism?

How do you engage in difficult conversations about social justice with friends or family members who may hold different perspectives?

What’s one action individuals can take to support social justice causes in their communities?

Aging and the Concept of Time:

How do you perceive the passage of time as you age, and has your perspective changed over the years?

Can you share a significant milestone or moment in your life that made you reflect on aging and the passing of time?

What role do you think cultural attitudes towards aging play in shaping individual experiences?

Have you ever experienced a sense of nostalgia for a particular time period in your life? What triggered it?

Can you recommend a book or film that explores the theme of aging in an insightful way?

How do you approach planning for the future while still living in the present moment?

What lessons have you learned about embracing change and finding meaning as you grow older?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone from a different generation that gave you a new perspective on aging?

What activities or hobbies do you find fulfilling as you age, and how do they contribute to your overall well-being?

Can you share a piece of advice for living a fulfilling life at any age?

The Significance of Rituals and Traditions:

What rituals or traditions do you observe in your daily life or on special occasions, and what do they mean to you?

Can you share a favorite family tradition that has been passed down through generations?

How do rituals and traditions contribute to a sense of identity and belonging within communities?

Have you ever created a new ritual or tradition for yourself or your family? What inspired it?

Can you recommend a cultural ritual or tradition from a different country that you find particularly interesting or meaningful?

How do you adapt rituals and traditions to fit modern lifestyles or changing circumstances?

What role do you think rituals play in marking significant life events and transitions?

Have you ever participated in a traditional ceremony or celebration from a culture different from your own? What was the experience like?

How do rituals and traditions contribute to building connections and strengthening relationships with others?

Can you share a cherished memory associated with a specific ritual or tradition?

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