Advanced Verbs with Meanings and Sample Sentences

Hello everyone, in this blog post we’ll look at advanced verbs with meanings and sample sentences.

Look at the meanings and example sentences.

Try using them in your daily conversation and writing.

These will boost your vocabulary and make you a confident English speaker.

Here is a list of advanced verbs with meanings and sample sentences:


Meaning: To draw out or evoke a response, information, or reaction.

Sample sentence: The detective tried to elicit the truth from the suspect during the interrogation.



Meaning: To make a situation, condition, or problem more severe or intense.

Sample sentence: Adding fuel to the fire will only exacerbate the tensions between the two parties.



Meaning: To shock or stimulate into action; to inspire or motivate.

Sample sentence: The impassioned speech by the leader galvanized the crowd to take action against injustice.



Meaning: To deliberately make something unclear or difficult to understand.

Sample sentence: The politician tended to obfuscate the issues to avoid giving direct answers.



Meaning: To increase rapidly in number or spread widely.

Sample sentence: social media has allowed information to proliferate at an unprecedented rate.



Meaning: To make less severe, intense, or harsh; to alleviate.

Sample sentence: Planting more trees can help mitigate the impact of climate change.



Meaning: To instill or teach by persistent instruction or repetition.

Sample sentence: Parents aim to inculcate good values in their children from a young age.



Meaning: To free or release from a constraint or difficulty.

Sample sentence: The rescue team worked diligently to extricate the trapped hikers from the mountain.



Meaning: To deliberately avoid or abstain from.

Sample sentence: Health-conscious individuals often eschew fast food in favor of a balanced diet.



Meaning: To use ambiguous language with the intention of deceiving or avoiding commitment.

Sample sentence: The spokesperson tried to equivocate when asked about the company’s financial troubles.



Meaning: To persist in a course of action despite difficulties or obstacles.

Sample sentence: Despite numerous setbacks, she chose to persevere in pursuing her dreams.



Meaning: To introduce something new or make changes in existing methods or ideas.

Sample sentence: The company is known for its ability to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.



Meaning: To make an action or process easier; to assist or help.

Sample sentence: The new software was designed to facilitate collaboration among team members.



Meaning: To spread or distribute widely, especially information or knowledge.

Sample sentence: The organization aims to disseminate awareness about environmental issues.



Meaning: To multiply, reproduce, or spread, especially in the context of plants or ideas.

Sample sentence: The goal of the campaign is to propagate sustainable farming practices.



Meaning: To place or deal with close together for contrasting effect.

Sample sentence: The artist decided to juxtapose vibrant colors with muted tones in her latest painting.



Meaning: To speak or write about someone or something in a way that shows strong disapproval or lack of respect.

Sample sentence: It is not appropriate to disparage the efforts of those who are genuinely trying to make a difference.



Meaning: To introduce something new or make changes in existing methods or ideas.

Sample sentence: The company is constantly seeking to innovate its products to meet evolving customer needs.



Meaning: To be the cause of a process or event, especially a significant change or reaction.

Sample sentence: The groundbreaking research in renewable energy could catalyze a shift towards more sustainable practices.



Meaning: To combine or blend different elements into one entity, often causing confusion.

Sample sentence: Be careful not to conflate the two issues; they are distinct and should be addressed separately.



Meaning: To express sorrow, regret, or disappointment about something.

Sample sentence: The poet wrote a heartfelt piece to lament the loss of nature’s beauty due to human actions.



Meaning: To start or begin a course of action, often one that is challenging or significant.

Sample sentence: After years of planning, they finally decided to embark on a journey around the world.



Meaning: To make a situation or condition better; to improve.

Sample sentence: The new policy is expected to ameliorate the living conditions for many citizens.



Meaning: To foresee or expect something and take action in preparation.

Sample sentence: A good project manager can anticipate potential issues and plan accordingly.



Meaning: To spread or distribute widely, especially information or knowledge.

Sample sentence: The professor aims to disseminate the latest research findings to students and colleagues.



Meaning: To disturb or unsettle; to cause anxiety or concern.

Sample sentence: The unexpected news seemed to perturb the usually calm and collected manager.



Meaning: To consign or dismiss to an inferior rank or position.

Sample sentence: The team’s poor performance may relegate them to a lower division in the upcoming season.



Meaning: To respond to a gesture or action by making a corresponding one.

Sample sentence: In a healthy relationship, partners reciprocate love and support for each other.



Meaning: To strongly encourage or urge someone to do something.

Sample sentence: The coach exhorted the team to give their best effort in the crucial match.



Meaning: To reject or disown; to refuse to accept or support.

Sample sentence: The government was quick to repudiate the false claims circulating in the media.



Meaning: To clear someone of blame or suspicion; to justify or prove right.

Sample sentence: The new evidence presented in court served to vindicate the accused, leading to their acquittal.



Meaning: To issue or spread out from a source; to originate.

Sample sentence: Confidence seemed to emanate from her as she delivered the keynote address.



Meaning: To soothe or calm someone’s feelings; to appease.

Sample sentence: The manager tried to mollify the irate customer by offering a full refund and an apology.



Meaning: To prevent or avoid a need or difficulty; to make something unnecessary.

Sample sentence: The new software update will obviate the need for manual data entry, saving time and reducing errors.



Meaning: To strongly condemn or express disapproval of something.

Sample sentence: Human rights organizations often decry the use of torture in any form.



Meaning: To interpret or understand the meaning of something.

Sample sentence: It’s important to construe the contract clauses accurately to avoid misunderstandings.



Meaning: Fundamentally different; not allowing comparison.

Sample sentence: The two cultures had disparate customs and traditions that required understanding and respect.



Meaning: To travel or wander around from place to place.

Sample sentence: After retiring, they decided to peregrinate through Europe, exploring new cities and cultures.



Meaning: To give a rough outline or foreshadowing of something; to indicate faintly.

Sample sentence: The preliminary report adumbrates the key findings of the extensive research project.



Meaning: To conceal one’s true motives, feelings, or beliefs behind a false appearance.

Sample sentence: The spy was trained to dissemble and blend into the crowd without raising suspicion.



Meaning: To bring out or elicit, especially information or ideas.

Sample sentence: The skilled interviewer was able to educe valuable insights from the reluctant interviewee.



Meaning: To challenge the validity or integrity of something; to criticize or attack verbally.

Sample sentence: The opposition leader sought to impugn the government’s handling of the economic crisis during the debate.



Meaning: To call together for a meeting or assembly.

Sample sentence: The president decided to convoke a special session of the council to address the urgent matter.



Meaning: To clear from guilt or blame; to declare innocent.

Sample sentence: The new evidence served to exculpate the wrongly accused individual, leading to their release from prison.



Meaning: Resisting authority or control; stubbornly resistant to discipline or guidance.

Sample sentence: Despite numerous warnings, the recalcitrant student continued to disrupt the class.



Meaning: To combine or bring together different elements into a unified whole.

Sample sentence: The goal is to integrate technology seamlessly into the educational curriculum.



Meaning: To respond to a gesture or action with a corresponding one.

Sample sentence: In a healthy relationship, partners reciprocate acts of kindness and support.



Meaning: To claim or profess, often falsely; to appear or be represented as.

Sample sentence: The tabloid article purports to reveal insider information about the celebrity’s private life.



Meaning: To free someone from a misconception or mistaken belief.

Sample sentence: It was essential to disabuse the public of the false rumors circulating about the company’s financial health.



Meaning: To make sacred or dedicate to a divine purpose.

Sample sentence: The ancient temple was consecrated in a solemn ceremony attended by religious leaders.



Meaning: To describe or portray something precisely; to outline or define.

Sample sentence: The architect meticulously delineated the plans for the new building.



Meaning: To explain or present in detail, often a theory or idea.

Sample sentence: The professor took the opportunity to expound on the intricacies of quantum physics.



Meaning: To urgently and fervently request or beg for something.

Sample sentence: The child would beseech his parents for a puppy every day.



Meaning: To encourage or stir up violent or unlawful behavior.

Sample sentence: The provocative speech was deemed to incite unrest among the crowd.



Meaning: To make a situation or suffering less severe or more bearable.

Sample sentence: The relief efforts were aimed at alleviating the suffering of the earthquake victims.



Meaning: To break out or happen again, especially after a period of inactivity.

Sample sentence: The conflict recrudesced, leading to renewed tensions in the region.



Meaning: To instill or teach persistently and earnestly.

Sample sentence: Parents aim to inculcate strong values and principles in their children.



Meaning: To analyze or explain something in detail, typically a text or idea.

Sample sentence: The professor sought to explicate the complex theories for the benefit of the students.

That’s all. Hope you are going to use them in your conversation as much as possible.

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