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English Conversation: At the breakfast table

Alice: Good morning, Tom!

Tom: Good morning, Alice! Did you sleep well?

Alice: Yes, thank you. How about you?

Tom: Not bad, thanks. Did you have any plans for today?

Alice: I have a meeting at work this morning, but I’m free in the afternoon. How about you?

Tom: I have a dentist appointment at 10, but I should be free afterward. Maybe we could grab lunch?

Alice: Sounds good! Let’s meet at 12:30 at that new sandwich place downtown.

Tom: Perfect! See you then. 

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English Conversation: At the grocery store

Sara: Hi there! Do you know where the dairy aisle is?

Clerk: Yes, it’s just down that way, on your left.

Sara: Great, thank you! Oh, and could you also tell me where the pasta sauce is?

Clerk: Sure, it’s in aisle 3, right next to the pasta.

Sara: Perfect, thank you so much!

Clerk: You’re welcome. Let me know if you need help finding anything else.

Sara: Will do, thanks again. 

English Conversation: At the bus stop

Mark: Hi, do you know when the next bus to downtown arrives?

Jane: Hi there! I think it should be here in about 10 minutes.

Mark: Thanks. Is this the right stop for the library?

Jane: Yes, it is. You just need to take Bus 23, and it’ll drop you off right in front of it.

Mark: Great, thanks for the info.

Jane: No problem. Are you new to the area?

Mark: Yeah, just moved here last week.

Jane: Well, welcome! I hope you like it here.

Mark: Thanks, so far so good. Oh, here comes the bus!

Jane: Perfect timing. Have a good trip!

English Conversation: At the office

Emily: Good morning, Jack! How was your weekend?

Jack: Morning, Emily! It was good, thanks. I went hiking with some friends. How about you?

Emily: Sounds fun! I had a relaxing weekend at home. Hey, have you seen the agenda for today’s meeting?

Jack: Not yet. Let me check my email real quick.

Emily: Alright, thanks. Oh, and don’t forget, we have that client presentation at 2 PM.

Jack: Right, got it. I’ll make sure everything’s prepared.

Emily: Great. Let me know if you need any help with it.

Jack: Will do. Thanks, Emily.

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English Conversation: At a cafe

Alex: Hi there! Is this seat taken?

Sophie: No, it’s free! Please, have a seat.

Alex: Thanks! So, what’s good on the menu here?

Sophie: Well, I love their cappuccinos, and their blueberry muffins are delicious.

Alex: Sounds good! I’ll have a cappuccino and a blueberry muffin then.

Sophie: Great choices! I think you’ll enjoy them.

Alex: By the way, do you know if they have Wi-Fi here?

Sophie: Yes, they do. Just ask the server for the password.

Alex: Awesome, thanks for the info.

Sophie: No problem. Enjoy your coffee!

Alex: Thanks, you too!

English Conversation: At the park

Liam: Hi! Mind if I join you on this bench?

Emma: Not at all, please, go ahead!

Liam: Thanks! It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?

Emma: Absolutely! I love spending time outdoors when the weather’s like this.

Liam: Me too. Do you come to this park often?

Emma: Yeah, it’s one of my favorite spots in the city. I come here to read or just relax quite often.

Liam: That sounds lovely. I’m new to the area, so I’m still exploring.

Emma: Well, you picked a great spot to start! There are some nice trails around here too.

Liam: Good to know. I might check those out later. Oh, do you know if there’s a coffee shop nearby?

Emma: Yes, there’s one just across the street from the park entrance.

Liam: Perfect! Thanks for the tip.

Emma: No problem. Enjoy your time here!

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English Conversation: At the gym

Sarah: Hi, I’m Sarah. Are you new here?

Mike: Hey, Sarah. Yeah, I just signed up last week. I’m Mike.

Sarah: Nice to meet you, Mike. Do you need any help getting started with the equipment?

Mike: Actually, yeah. I’m not sure how to use some of these machines.

Sarah: No problem, I can show you. Let’s start with the treadmill.

Mike: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Sarah: Alright, so first you adjust the speed using these buttons here, and this one controls the incline.

Mike: Got it. Looks simple enough.

Sarah: It is! If you have any questions about the other machines, just let me know.

Mike: Will do, thanks again for your help.

Sarah: Anytime. Enjoy your workout!

English Conversation: At a restaurant

Emily: Hi there, welcome to Bella’s Bistro! Do you have a reservation?

Jake: No, we don’t. Do you have any available tables for two?

Emily: Yes, we do! Right this way, please.

Jake: Great, thank you.

Emily: Here are your menus. Can I start you off with something to drink?

Jake: I’ll have a glass of red wine, please. What about you, Lisa?

Lisa: I’ll have a sparkling water with lemon, please.

Emily: Of course, I’ll be right back with your drinks.

Jake: Thanks. Everything on the menu looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Lisa: Definitely. I think I’m going to try the pasta dish.

Jake: I’m leaning towards the steak. It sounds delicious.

Emily: Here are your drinks. Have you had a chance to look at the menu?

Jake: Yes, we have. We’ll both have the Caesar salad to start, and then I’ll have the steak, and she’ll have the pasta.

Emily: Perfect. I’ll put that right in for you. Enjoy your meal!

Jake: Thank you.


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