5 English Short Stories to Improve English

Hello everyone, in this lesson, we are going to read 5 interesting English short stories.
Read, enjoy and improve English vocabulary.


English Short Story -1:

The Magical Mango Tree

In the beautiful town of Malgudi, there was a small village where everyone lived happily. In the center of the village, there stood a mango tree unlike any other.

This mango tree was special because it had magical powers.

One summer, when the sun was shining brightly, a little boy named Ravi discovered the magical mango tree.

He was playing near the tree when he heard a soft whisper. “Pick one mango, and your wish will come true,” said the mysterious voice.

Excitedly, Ravi plucked a ripe mango from the tree and made a wish. “I wish for a big bag of candies!” he exclaimed.

To his amazement, as soon as he finished his wish, a bag filled with colorful candies appeared at his feet.

Ravi couldn’t believe his eyes! He happily shared the candies with his friends and told them about the magical mango tree.

Word spread quickly across the village about the magical mango tree that granted wishes.

Soon, people from neighboring villages came to see the tree and make their own wishes.

One day, a kind old woman named Mrs. Gupta visited the tree.

She had a heartfelt wish to make. With tears in her eyes, she whispered to the tree, “I wish for rain to water our dry fields and bring prosperity to our village.”

The next morning, dark clouds gathered in the sky, and gentle rain started to fall. It rained for days, nourishing the fields and bringing new life to the village.

Mrs. Gupta’s wish had come true, and everyone was grateful for the magical mango tree.

As time passed, people learned to make selfless wishes, asking for things that would benefit the entire village.

The magical mango tree continued to spread joy and happiness throughout Malgudi.

And so, the little village in Malgudi prospered, thanks to the kindness of the magical mango tree and the pure-hearted wishes of its people.


English Short Story -2:

The Friendly Elephant of Malgudi


In the enchanting town of Malgudi, nestled amidst lush greenery and flowing rivers, there lived a friendly elephant named Ganesha.

Ganesha was not like any other elephant. He was gentle, wise, and loved by all the villagers.

One sunny day, as the villagers were going about their daily chores, they heard a loud trumpet coming from the outskirts of the village.

Curious, they followed the sound and were amazed to see Ganesha standing there, his trunk raised in greeting.

The villagers gathered around Ganesha, petting and feeding him with fruits and sugarcane. They were delighted to have such a gentle giant in their midst.

As days passed, Ganesha became a beloved member of the village. He helped the farmers by watering their fields with his trunk and carrying heavy loads with ease.

Children would play and ride on his back, laughing joyfully.

One day, a mischievous monkey entered the village and started creating chaos.

The monkey would steal fruits from the vendors, tease the villagers, and create a ruckus everywhere it went.

The villagers tried to shoo the monkey away, but it was too agile and cunning. They didn’t know what to do until Ganesha stepped forward.

With a calm demeanor, Ganesha approached the monkey and spoke to it in a gentle voice.

He said, “Dear friend, why do you cause trouble in this peaceful village? Let us live harmoniously and enjoy the blessings of Malgudi together.”

The monkey, taken aback by Ganesha’s kindness, stopped its mischief and nodded in agreement.

From that day on, the monkey became Ganesha’s friend and helped the villagers instead of causing trouble.

The villagers were amazed by Ganesha’s wisdom and his ability to make friends with even the naughtiest of creatures.

And so, the village of Malgudi thrived in harmony, thanks to the friendly elephant Ganesha and his message of peace and friendship.


English Short Story -3:

The Magical Paintbrush

In the colorful town of Malgudi, there lived a young artist named Maya.

Maya loved to paint, and her favorite place to create her masterpieces was under a big banyan tree in the village square.

One day, while Maya was painting a beautiful landscape, an old man approached her. He had a twinkle in his eyes and a magical aura around him.

“Hello, young artist,” the old man said with a smile. “I have been searching for someone like you. I have a magical paintbrush that I want to give to you.”

Maya’s eyes widened in amazement. She had heard stories of magical objects but never thought she would encounter one.

The old man handed Maya a small, golden paintbrush. “This paintbrush has the power to bring your paintings to life,” he explained. “But remember, use it wisely and for good purposes.”

With excitement bubbling in her heart, Maya thanked the old man and immediately tried out the magical paintbrush. She painted a beautiful butterfly fluttering in the air.

To her astonishment, the butterfly came to life and flew off the canvas! Maya couldn’t believe her eyes. She realized the true magic of the paintbrush.

From that day on, Maya used the magical paintbrush to bring joy and wonder to the village.

She painted flowers that bloomed with vibrant colors, birds that sang melodious tunes, and even a rainbow that stretched across the sky.

The villagers marveled at Maya’s creations and the magical paintbrush’s wonders.

They would gather around her paintings, interacting with the magical elements as if they were real.

One day, a heavy storm threatened to flood the village. The river was overflowing, and the villagers were worried about their homes.

Thinking quickly, Maya used her magical paintbrush to paint a sturdy dam across the river.

As soon as she finished painting, the dam materialized, stopping the floodwaters from entering the village.

The villagers cheered and thanked Maya for saving their homes.

Maya realized the true power of the magical paintbrush was not just in creating beautiful art but also in making a positive impact on the world.

From then on, Maya continued to use the magical paintbrush for good causes, bringing happiness and prosperity to the town of Malgudi.

And so, the legend of Maya and her magical paintbrush spread far and wide, inspiring artists and dreamers everywhere to use their talents for the betterment of others.


English Short Story -4:

The Brave Little Sparrow

In the bustling town of Malgudi, there lived a brave little sparrow named Chirpy.

Chirpy was small in size but big in heart. She loved to fly around the town, chirping happily and spreading joy wherever she went.

One day, as Chirpy was exploring a new part of town, she noticed something alarming. A group of mischievous monkeys was causing trouble near the village market.

They were stealing fruits from the vendors, scaring the villagers, and creating chaos all around.

Chirpy knew she had to do something to help her fellow villagers. Despite being a tiny sparrow, she had a courageous spirit and a determination to make things right.

Flying high above the monkeys, Chirpy began to chirp loudly, catching their attention. The monkeys looked up, curious about the little bird making such a noise.

“Stop causing trouble and scaring the villagers!” Chirpy chirped bravely. “We can all live in harmony and share the blessings of Malgudi together.”

The monkeys, initially taken aback by Chirpy’s boldness, started to listen. They realized that their actions were causing fear and harm to others.

One of the monkeys spoke up, “We’re sorry, little sparrow. We didn’t mean to cause trouble. We were just having fun.”

Chirpy nodded and said, “Fun should never come at the expense of others’ happiness. Let’s find a way to have fun without causing trouble.”

Inspired by Chirpy’s words, the monkeys decided to use their agility and playfulness for good purposes.

They helped the vendors carry their fruits, entertained the children with acrobatic tricks, and even planted trees around the village.

The villagers were amazed at the transformation of the mischievous monkeys into helpful friends. They praised Chirpy for her bravery and wisdom in resolving the situation peacefully.

From that day on, Chirpy and the monkeys became known as the guardians of Malgudi, working together to ensure harmony and happiness in the town.

And so, the brave little sparrow Chirpy taught everyone that courage, kindness, and understanding can overcome any challenge, no matter how big or small.


English Short Story -5:

The Enchanted Garden


In the serene town of Malgudi, there was a hidden garden that was said to be enchanted.

It was a place of wonder and magic, filled with vibrant flowers, sparkling streams, and friendly animals.

One sunny morning, two curious siblings named Raj and Leena decided to explore the rumored enchanted garden.

Armed with curiosity and excitement, they set out on their adventure.

As they entered the garden, they were greeted by a chorus of chirping birds and the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers.

The siblings were amazed by the beauty that surrounded them.

They wandered deeper into the garden, marveling at the colorful butterflies dancing among the blossoms. Suddenly, they heard a soft voice calling out to them.

“Welcome, young travelers,” said a wise old turtle who emerged from a pond. “You have entered the enchanted garden, a place where dreams come true.”

Raj and Leena’s eyes widened with wonder. The turtle explained that the garden had magical qualities, and anyone who visited it with pure hearts could make a wish.

Excited by the prospect, Raj and Leena thought carefully about their wishes.

Raj wished for the ability to play musical instruments, while Leena wished for the power to talk to animals.

As soon as they made their wishes, a gentle breeze swept through the garden, carrying their wishes to the universe.

To their astonishment, Raj found himself holding a flute, while Leena discovered that she could understand the language of birds, squirrels, and rabbits.

Overjoyed by their newfound abilities, Raj played enchanting melodies on his flute, and Leena chatted happily with the animals, learning about their lives and adventures.

As they explored the garden further, they encountered a wise old owl perched on a branch.

The owl congratulated them on their wishes and imparted valuable wisdom about using their gifts for good purposes.

Raj and Leena promised to always use their abilities to bring joy and harmony to the world around them.

Filled with gratitude and happiness, they bid farewell to the enchanted garden, knowing that they had experienced something truly magical and unforgettable.

From that day on, Raj’s melodious tunes and Leena’s conversations with animals brought happiness not only to themselves but also to everyone they encountered in the town of Malgudi.

And so, the enchanted garden remained a place of wonder and inspiration, where dreams were realized and hearts were filled with joy.

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