Spoken English Conversation: Making Plans and Arrangements

Spoken English Conversation: Making Plans and Arrangements

Tom: Hey, Sarah! What’s up?

Sarah: Not much, Tom. Just thinking about what to do this weekend.

Tom: Yeah, me too. Do you have any plans yet?

Sarah: Not really. I was thinking maybe we could go hiking or have a picnic in the park. What do you think?

Tom: Hiking sounds awesome! I’ve been wanting to explore that new trail we heard about. Let’s do it!

Sarah: Great! When should we go?

Tom: How about Saturday morning? We can meet up around 9 am.

Sarah: Sounds good to me. Should we bring any snacks?

Tom: Definitely! I’ll pack some sandwiches and fruit, and you can bring drinks.

Sarah: Perfect! Oh, and what about the weather?

Tom: Good point. Let me check the forecast real quick.

Sarah: While you do that, I’ll make sure my hiking boots are ready to go.

Tom: Looks like it’s going to be sunny all day. Perfect weather for hiking!

Sarah: Awesome! I can’t wait. Saturday morning it is then.

Tom: It’s a plan! I’ll text you the exact location and any other details before Saturday.

Sarah: Sounds like a plan. Thanks, Tom!

Tom: No problem, Sarah. It’s going to be a blast!

Spoken English Conversation: Making Plans and Arrangements

Emily: Hey, David! What are you doing this Friday night?

David: Hey, Emily! Not much planned yet. Why, what’s up?

Emily: Well, I was thinking we could catch that new movie everyone’s talking about. Are you interested?

David: Yeah, sounds like fun! Which movie are you talking about?

Emily: It’s called “The Midnight Adventure.” It’s a mystery thriller. I’ve heard great reviews about it.

David: Oh, I’ve been wanting to see that! Count me in. What time does it start?

Emily: The late show starts at 8:30 pm. Does that work for you?

David: Perfect! Should we grab dinner before the movie?

Emily: That’s a great idea. How about we meet at the Italian place downtown around 6:30 pm?

David: Sounds good to me. I love Italian food!

Emily: Me too! I’ll make a reservation for two just to be safe.

David: Thanks, Emily. You’re always on top of things.

Emily: No problem, David. I’ll text you the details later today.

David: Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to it!

Emily: Me too! It’s going to be a fantastic night out.

Spoken English Conversation: Making Plans and Arrangements

Amy: Hi, Ben! Have you made any plans for the summer vacation yet?

Ben: Hey, Amy! Not yet. I’ve been thinking about it though. Any suggestions?

Amy: Well, I was thinking we could go on a road trip. Visit some cool places, you know?

Ben: Oh, that sounds awesome! Where do you want to go?

Amy: I was thinking we could start by visiting the national parks nearby. Then maybe head to the beach for some relaxation.

Ben: That sounds perfect! How long do you think the road trip should be?

Amy: Maybe about a week? We can leave on Monday and come back the following Sunday.

Ben: Works for me! Should we book accommodation in advance?

Amy: Definitely. I’ll start looking for hotels and campsites along our route.

Ben: Great idea. I’ll check the car to make sure it’s ready for the trip.

Amy: Awesome! Oh, and what about snacks and drinks for the road?

Ben: Good point. I’ll make a list and we can go shopping together.

Amy: Sounds like a plan! Let’s meet up this weekend to finalize everything.

Ben: Sounds good to me. I can’t wait for our summer adventure!

Amy: Me neither, Ben. It’s going to be epic!


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