English Entertainment Words and Phrases

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We use a lot of special words and phrases when talking about entertainment like movies, TV shows, music, books, and more.

Learning these can help you understand and discuss entertainment better in English.

Here are some common entertainment words and phrases explained in simple terms.


Blockbuster – A hugely popular and successful movie that makes a lot of money. For example, the superhero movies from Marvel are often blockbusters.

FlickAn informal, casual way to say “movie.” You might say “I’m going to see a flick tonight.”

Box office – The place where you buy movie tickets, but also a term referring to how much money a movie makes. A “box office hit” is a very popular and financially successful movie.

Oscar – The most prestigious award in the movie industry, given out annually for the best movies, actors, directors, and more of the previous year.

Sequel – A movie that continues the story from a previous movie, like The Dark Knight is a sequel to Batman Begins.

Remake – A new version of an older movie, like the recent Lion King is a remake of the classic animated film.

Rom-com – Shortened slang for a “romantic comedy” movie about love and relationships.

TV Shows

Binge-watch – To watch many episodes of a TV show in one extended viewing session. Popular streaming shows are often “binge-watched.”

Cliffhanger – When an episode ends with a suspenseful, unresolved situation to keep you watching the next episode.

Series finale – The last episode that airs, marking the end of an entire TV series run.

Rerun – A rebroadcast of an episode that already aired previously.

Streaming – Watching shows over the internet rather than traditional TV broadcasts.

Primetime – The evening hours when TV viewership is highest, typically 8-11 PM.


Hit – A extremely popular and successful song.

Top 40 – The 40 most popular songs on the music charts at a given time.

Music video – A short film featuring a song and its musical artist.

Cover – When one artist performs/records a song originally done by someone else.

Remix – A reworked or recreated version of an existing song.

Sell-out – When all tickets to a concert are sold, leaving no seats available.


Bestseller – A very popular and high-selling book. The bestseller lists rank the top-selling books.

Pulitzer – A prestigious annual award for excellence in books, journalism, and other writing.

Fiction/non-fiction – Fiction is literature with imaginary stories and characters, non-fiction covers factual topics.

Genre – A category of literature like romance, science fiction, biography, etc.

Plot – The sequence of events and storyline that make up the narrative of a fictional book.

Page-turner – A book that is so engaging and suspenseful that it’s hard to stop reading.


RPG – Role-playing game where players take on fictional character roles.

First-person shooter – A shooting game shown from the character’s perspective.

Open world – A game with a vast virtual world for the player to freely explore.

Side quest – Optional adventures and missions in a game beyond the main storyline.

Platform – The gaming system or device a game is developed to run on, like PlayStation or Xbox.

General Entertainment

Opening night – The very first public performance of a play, show, or other live entertainment.

Critics – Professional writers who review and evaluate entertainment like movies, shows, music, etc.

Behind the scenes – Happenings off the stage or set during entertainment productions.

Ratings – Numerical measures of how many people watch a particular TV show.

Plot twistAn unexpected, surprising development in a story’s plot line.

Cult following – When something like a movie or band has a small but extremely loyal fan base.

I hope these definitions and examples help explain many common English words and phrases used when talking about entertainment!

Let me know if any need more clarification.

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