English Short Stories for Beginners

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English Short Story -1

In the middle of rural India, surrounded by fields of rice and wheat, there was a tiny village where the sweet smell of mango blossoms filled the air.

In this village, there were two siblings named Arjun and Maya, who grew up under the shade of a big mango grove.

Arjun, the older sibling, was a hardworking and responsible boy.

He spent his days helping their parents take care of the fields, making sure that the crops grew well under the hot Indian sun.

On the other hand, Maya was a carefree and adventurous girl.

Her laughter could be heard all around the village as she danced barefoot in the fields, her spirit as wild as the wind.

Arjun and Maya were two best friends who were very different from each other.

However, they had a special bond that nothing could break.

They loved spending time together, especially in the evenings when they would sit under the mango trees.

They would share stories and talk about their dreams while watching the fireflies dance around them.

But as they got older, their paths started to go in different directions.

Arjun had more responsibilities towards his family’s farm, so he focused all his energy on making sure it thrived.

He had big dreams of bringing new technologies and modern methods to the farm to increase productivity and make their lives better.

On the other hand, Maya had a strong desire for adventure.

She wanted to explore the world outside their village and see the bustling cities she had only heard stories about.

She dreamed of experiencing new things and going on exciting journeys.

One day, a big storm came and destroyed their village.

The crops were ruined, houses were damaged, and even the mango grove they loved was destroyed.

After the storm, the villagers felt really sad and didn’t know how they could fix everything.

But then, Arjun and Maya had an idea.

They both wanted to help their village and make it better again.

Arjun knew a lot about farming, so he taught the villagers new ways to grow crops.

Maya, on the other hand, gathered all the young people and together they rebuilt the houses and other important things in the village.

Arjun and Maya worked together, and their friendship grew stronger than ever.

Arjun thought Maya was always positive and full of energy, while Maya admired Arjun’s determination and strength.

They became a source of hope in their community and inspired others to help too.

Many years passed, and because of Arjun and Maya’s hard work, the village thrived again.

The mango grove, now even more beautiful, showed how strong they were and how their friendship made a difference.

Even though they went their separate ways, Arjun and Maya stayed best friends, always connected by their love for each other and their village.

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English Short Story -2

In the heart of Kerala, where emerald-green rice paddies stretched to meet the horizon and coconut palms swayed in the gentle breeze, lived two siblings, Rohan and Meera.

Their home, a quaint little house with walls painted in vibrant hues of red and yellow, stood as a testament to their family’s love for tradition and color.

Rohan, the elder brother, was a quiet and introspective boy, his thoughts often wandering far beyond the boundaries of their village.

He found solace in the rhythms of nature, spending hours by the banks of the nearby river, sketching the lush landscapes that surrounded them.

Meera, his younger sister, was a burst of energy, her laughter ringing through the house like the chime of a bell.

She was a dreamer, her head forever lost in the clouds, envisioning a world filled with wonder and magic.

When the big, dark clouds of the monsoon season appeared in the sky, Rohan and Meera would sit on their porch and be amazed as the rain poured down from the heavens.

The air would smell like fresh, damp dirt and the sound of raindrops hitting the tin roof would make them feel calm and peaceful.

But even though the monsoon was beautiful, there was a hint of sadness in their house.

Their parents, who were farmers, worried about how the heavy rain would affect their crops and their way of making a living.

But Rohan and Meera didn’t let that bring them down.

They stayed positive and hopeful, knowing that the monsoon would bring new life and growth.

On a rainy day, Rohan came up with a brilliant idea that would alter their lives.

With a gleam of creativity in his eyes, he leaned towards Meera and said, “Why don’t we try to catch the enchantment of the rainy season?”

Equipped only with their creativity and a camera lent by a neighbor, Rohan and Meera ventured into the rain-drenched scenery, filled with anticipation.

They strolled through the lush fields, seizing the delicate beauty of flowers touched by rain and leaves covered in dew with every snap of the camera.

As they explored, they came across moments that were absolutely enchanting – a rainbow stretching across the sky like a bridge to another world, a family of frogs singing a beautiful melody in the rain, and a mother bird protecting her chicks under her wings.

Every time they took a picture, they felt the dullness of everyday life disappear, replaced by a feeling of amazement and admiration.

When they finally got back home, completely soaked but filled with excitement from their adventure, Rohan and Meera realized that they hadn’t just captured the magic of the rainy season, but they had also discovered the true meaning of their bond as siblings.

Together, they had uncovered a world full of beauty and wonder that was hidden in the ordinary moments of their lives.

This proved that even in the midst of a storm, there was always space for love and enchantment.


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