Short English Crime Stories

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In today’s lesson, we will read four short English crime stories.

They will keep you hooked till the very end.

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Short English Crime Story -1 

The Vanishing Heirloom

Once upon a time, in a peaceful village surrounded by beautiful hills, there was a grand old house.

This house belonged to the Pemberton family, who were very rich and famous for their precious family treasures that were handed down from one generation to another.

However, one night, something terrible happened that disturbed the calmness of the village and left everyone shocked.

This incident had a profound impact on the entire community.

The night was dark and stormy when Mrs. Pemberton, the leader of the family, found out that the special Pemberton diamond necklace had disappeared from its fancy display case in the big hall of the mansion.

Everyone in the house started to panic as they searched everywhere, but they couldn’t find the valuable family treasure.

Detective Sam, an experienced investigator with a smart brain and sharp eyes, was called to come and help.

Even though the storm was raging outside, he started to gather the clues and put them together.

There were footprints in the muddy ground outside the mansion that hinted at how the intruder got in, but there was no sign of any forced entry.

It seemed like the thief had been really sneaky and careful.

As Detective Sam interviewed the Pemberton family and the household staff, he discovered a tangle of hidden truths and doubts.

Every family member had a reason, and every servant had an excuse, but something just didn’t make sense.

In the middle of the confusion, a spark of optimism appeared when a witness stepped forward—a young boy who said he saw a mysterious figure lurking near the mansion on the night of the robbery.

His description matched that of a well-known jewel thief who had been causing trouble in the neighborhood.

With a fresh determination, Detective Sam followed the path of clues, taking him through the twisting streets of the town and into the core of the criminal world.

In the busy city of Harborview, where car horns honked and people chatted, there was a lot of excitement at the big opening of the fancy Harborview Art Gallery.

The main attraction was a painting by the famous artist, Vincent Laurent.

As visitors admired the bright colors and detailed painting, they didn’t realize that something bad was about to happen—a theft!

When the gallery owner, Mr. Thompson, went to check on the painting later, he felt really sad to see an empty space where the masterpiece used to be.

Everyone panicked when they found out about the theft, and the art world was shocked.

Introducing Detective Maya, a young and determined investigator known for her clever thinking and unwavering commitment to finding the truth.

With all eyes on her, she bravely took on the case, determined to solve the puzzle of the missing valuable painting.

As Detective Maya explored the world of fancy society and art enthusiasts, she discovered a complicated network of rivalries and ambitions.

Everyone seemed to have a reason, from envious artists craving recognition to wealthy collectors consumed by greed.

But amidst the chaos, one clue stood out—a mysterious note left at the crime scene, containing a puzzling message that hinted at the thief’s identity.

Armed with this fresh clue, Detective Maya set off on a frantic mission to catch the wrongdoer before they disappeared into the darkness.

Her inquiry took her into the dazzling realm of secret art auctions and shady agreements, where friendships were made and shattered in an instant.

With every unexpected development, Detective Maya inched closer to uncovering the truth, but as she approached, the stakes grew higher and the risks multiplied.

At last, after days of tireless pursuit, Detective Maya trapped the thief in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town.

In a really intense situation, she demanded that the stolen painting be given back, but the thief didn’t back down and refused to give up their prize.

Not discouraged, Detective Maya used her sharp instincts to outsmart the criminal and get back the super valuable masterpiece.

When the whole city let out a big sigh of relief, the painting was returned to its rightful spot in the Harborview Art Gallery, and Detective Maya was called a hero.

But even though this part of the story was over, Detective Maya knew that there were still lots of mysteries out there waiting to be solved.

With a determined look in her eyes, she promised to keep fighting for justice, one case at a time.

Short English Crime Story -3

The Case of the Midnight Heist

In the calm little town of Willowbrook, where the roads were filled with cute houses and the smell of yummy pies floated in the air, something strange happened on a night with a bright moon.

It all started when the town’s favorite bakery, Sweet Delights, became a target of a bold robbery.

Mrs. Jenkins, the owner, came to the bakery one morning and noticed that the door was slightly open.

The delicious smell of freshly baked treats mixed with the feeling of being betrayed.

After looking around, Mrs. Jenkins realized that the bakery’s special recipe book, which held secret family recipes passed down through generations, had mysteriously disappeared.

The town was thrown into chaos when news of the stolen recipe book spread, leaving everyone confused and desperate for answers.

Then came Detective Max, a skilled investigator who loved solving mysteries and had a special liking for delicious pastries.

With his trusty magnifying glass, he embarked on a mission to uncover the truth behind the missing recipe book and bring back harmony to Willowbrook.

As Detective Max carefully examined the evidence, he soon realized that this was no ordinary theft.

The thief had cleverly left a trail of crumbs, leading from the bakery all the way to the outskirts of town, where they mysteriously disappeared.

Undeterred by this puzzling situation, Detective Max followed the trail of crumbs, interrogating witnesses and putting together the pieces of the puzzle step by step.

During his investigation, he encountered a fascinating group of people, including quirky bakers and mischievous kids with sticky fingers.

But just as it seemed like the trail had gone cold, Detective Max stumbled upon a big discovery—a secret passage under the town square that led to a network of tunnels underground.

With a mix of nervousness and determination, Detective Max bravely entered the tunnels, following only his gut feeling and the faint smell of cinnamon in the air.

Deep in the darkness, he finally came face to face with the culprit—a famous thief called the Midnight Baker.

In a tense showdown, Detective Max demanded the return of the stolen recipe book, but the Midnight Baker refused to give up their tasty secrets without a fight.

Using his quick wits and a little bit of courage, Detective Max outsmarted the thief and got back the precious book, bringing peace back to Willowbrook.

As the first rays of sunlight appeared on the horizon, the whole town gathered to celebrate the return of Sweet Delights’ beloved recipes, and Detective Max was hailed as a hero.

And as he enjoyed a warm, freshly baked treat, he knew that in Willowbrook, where mysteries hid around every corner, there would always be another case waiting for him to solve.

In the middle of a busy city, where tall buildings crowded the streets and bright lights shone in the night sky, a mysterious story unfolded.

It all started one rainy night when the rich and famous gathered at the fancy Kensington Mansion for a grand party.

The star of the show was Miss Charlotte Kensington, the wealthy heiress and the talk of high society.

But as the night went on and the drinks kept coming, disaster struck – the lights flickered, and when they came back on, Miss Kensington was gone. The crowd panicked and rumors of foul play spread like wildfire.

Then came Detective Alex, a clever investigator known for solving tough cases.

Armed with his trusty notepad, he began to unravel the mystery of the missing heiress and bring her back home safely.

As Detective Alex dug deeper, he uncovered a tangled web of secrets and betrayal hidden beneath the city’s glamorous exterior.

From jealous enemies to unhappy family members, it seemed like everyone had a reason to want Miss Kensington gone.

But just as Detective Alex was getting closer to the truth, a scary note arrived. It demanded a lot of money from the Kensington family in order to bring Miss Kensington back safely.

Time was running out, so Detective Alex hurried to find the person who took Miss Kensington and save her before it was too late.

During his investigation, Detective Alex went to the dangerous parts of the city where he faced danger at every corner.

But Detective Alex didn’t give up. He used his quick thinking and determination to keep going.

He wanted to catch the person who took Miss Kensington and make sure they faced the consequences.

He also wanted to bring Miss Kensington back to her family.

Finally, after a thrilling chase through the city streets, Detective Alex found the person who took Miss Kensington.

They were hiding in an empty warehouse near the water.

In an exciting showdown, Detective Alex confronted the person and saved Miss Kensington from danger.

When the sun rose the next day, everyone in the city felt relieved. Miss Kensington was back with her family, and Detective Alex was seen as a hero.

As Detective Alex walked away from the mansion, he knew that no matter how dark things may seem, justice would always win in the end.

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