Sentences with “No sooner” in English

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In this lesson, we’ll jump into the interesting phrase “no sooner,” grasp its definition, and figure out how to use it into our daily conversations.

Understanding “No Sooner”

Let’s start by explaining what “no sooner” means.

This phrase is used to indicate that one thing occurs immediately after another.

Typically, we pair it with the word “than” to demonstrate that events unfold rapidly, one after the other.

Consider it as a method to express that something happens instantly, without any pause or uncertainty.

How to Use “No Sooner”

Now that we understand what “no sooner” means, let’s look at some examples to see how it’s used in real life:

Example 1: No sooner had she finished her breakfast than the phone rang.

In this sentence, “no sooner” emphasizes that the phone rang right after she finished eating. It shows how quickly things happened.

Example 2: “No sooner had he stepped outside than it started raining.”

Here, “no sooner” shows that as soon as he went outside, it immediately started raining.

Example 3: No sooner had they arrived at the airport than their flight got canceled.

In this case, “no sooner” emphasizes how quickly their flight was canceled after they reached the airport.

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When to Use “No Sooner”

Now that you understand how “no sooner” works, let’s see how you can use it in different situations:

To Show Quick Actions: Use “no sooner” to highlight actions that happen right away.

He ran outside to play with his friends no sooner than he had finished his homework.

The food was on the table no sooner than they had ordered it.

These examples show how “no sooner” emphasizes fast actions.

In Stories: Add “no sooner” to your stories to make them more exciting.

“The hero defeated the villain, and no sooner did a new threat appear.”

No sooner had she closed her eyes than she heard a strange noise.

Including “no sooner” in stories will keep your audience interested in what happens next.

Tips for Using “No Sooner” Effectively

When you use “no sooner” in your sentences, it’s super important to think about the situation you’re talking about.

You have to show that things happen right after each other for it to have a big impact.

Remember to always use “than” after “no sooner” to connect the two things smoothly.

This will help your words sound more natural.

Even though “no sooner” is a great phrase, try mixing it up with other words. This will make sure you don’t sound boring and will keep people interested.

If you want to get better at using “no sooner,” try using it in your everyday talks and writing.

The more you practice, the easier it will be to use it in a cool way.

In Conclusion

“No sooner” is a really handy phrase that helps us highlight how fast things happen one after another.

Whether we’re talking to our buddies, telling a story, or writing an essay, using “no sooner” can make our point super clear and powerful.

So, if we want to show that something happened immediately, we just need to remember to use “no sooner” and watch how our words become more vibrant and thrilling.

Now, let’s take a look at some examples of sentences with “No sooner”.

Sentences with “No sooner” -1 

No sooner did he leave the house than it started raining.

No sooner had she finished her chores than her friends arrived.

No sooner did they begin the game than it was time for dinner.

No sooner had I closed my eyes than the alarm clock rang.

No sooner had they planted the seeds than the flowers bloomed.

No sooner did he pick up the phone than it stopped ringing.

No sooner had the sun set than the stars appeared in the sky.

No sooner had she turned on the computer than it crashed.

No sooner did he start his presentation than the power went out.

No sooner had they reached the top of the mountain than it started snowing.

No sooner did I finish my lunch than I received an urgent message.

No sooner had they finished painting the walls than they realized they used the wrong color.

No sooner had she closed the window than a bird flew in.

No sooner did he sit down to relax than the doorbell rang.

No sooner had they lit the candles than the electricity came back on.


Sentences with “No sooner” – 2


No sooner did she enter the room than everyone greeted her warmly.

No sooner had they set sail than a storm appeared on the horizon.

No sooner did he press send on the email than he noticed a typo.

No sooner had they started the concert than the audience erupted into applause.

No sooner did I finish my workout than I felt a sense of accomplishment.

No sooner had they finished breakfast than they began planning their day.

No sooner did she take a bite of the cake than she realized it was too sweet.

No sooner had he started reading the book than he couldn’t put it down.

No sooner did they begin the experiment than they encountered unexpected results.

No sooner had I boarded the train than I realized I forgot my ticket.

No sooner did they arrive at the party than they started dancing.

No sooner had she packed her bags than she realized she forgot her passport.

No sooner did he arrive at the office than he was bombarded with emails.

No sooner had they finished the crossword puzzle than they started a new one.

No sooner did the sun rise than they set out on their journey.


Sentences with “No sooner” – 3


No sooner had the chef prepared the meal than the guests began to arrive.

No sooner did they leave the house than they realized they forgot their keys.

No sooner had she opened her umbrella than the rain stopped.

No sooner did he put on his new shoes than he felt a blister forming.

No sooner had they started their road trip than they encountered heavy traffic.

No sooner did she begin to sing than the audience fell silent.

No sooner had they finished the meeting than they received an urgent call.

No sooner did he start his car than the engine stalled.

No sooner had they turned on the movie than the power went out.

No sooner did she finish her sentence than she realized she misspoke.

No sooner had they started the hike than it began to rain.

No sooner did he start his speech than he stumbled over his words.

No sooner had they closed the door than they heard a loud noise outside.

No sooner did she put on her glasses than she could see clearly.

No sooner had they begun their journey than they encountered a detour.


Sentences with “No sooner” – 4


No sooner did he reach for the book than it fell off the shelf.

No sooner had they bought their tickets than they realized the show was sold out.

No sooner did she apply for the job than she received an interview invitation.

No sooner had they finished their meal than they started washing the dishes.

No sooner did he start the engine than he noticed the fuel gauge was empty.

No sooner had they stepped onto the beach than they felt the sand between their toes.

No sooner did she turn on the radio than her favorite song began to play.

No sooner had they left the party than they regretted not saying goodbye.

No sooner did he sit down to rest than he fell asleep.

No sooner had they started the puzzle than they realized a piece was missing.

No sooner did she finish her work than she headed home.

No sooner had they arrived at the airport than they heard their flight was delayed.

No sooner did he begin his presentation than he realized he left his notes behind.

No sooner had they climbed the mountain than they were rewarded with a breathtaking view.

No sooner did she start her baking project than the oven broke down.


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