English Vocabulary : Words Related to Teaching

Daily English Dialogues Practice: In a Classroom Setting

  In this lesson, I am talking about words related to teaching. In this piece, you’ll see tons of words related to teaching. I’m sure after reading this you’ll expand your English vocabulary. And that too teaching vocabulary. In the grand scheme of the educational journey, mentorship plays a pivotal role, transcending the traditional confines … Read more

How to Expand Your English Vocabulary Fast

Vocabulary Building Strategies

Hello everyone, Having a good vocabulary is extremely important. The more words you know, the better you can express yourself and understand others. A strong vocabulary helps with reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It makes you a better communicator overall. Unfortunately, expanding your vocabulary can seem difficult and time-consuming. But with the right strategies, you … Read more

How to Use an English Dictionary to Learn English

How to use an English dictionary to learn English

Hello everyone, Learning a new language can be challenging, but using a good English dictionary is one of the best tools to help you improve your English skills. Dictionaries contain definitions of words, example sentences showing how the words are used, and often additional information like pronunciation guides and etymology (the origin of the word). … Read more