English Slang Words Guide 2024

Hello all are you ready to spice up your vocabulary and dive into the world of slang?

Well, you’re in for a treat because this blog post is your ultimate guide to slang words – from the hip to the downright lit.

Grab your favorite beverage, kick back, and let’s embark on a journey where words get a casual makeover, and sentences become the cool kids on the block.


Today, we’re diving deep into the vibrant world of English slang words.

Whether you’re a native speaker looking to stay on top of the latest trends or a language learner aiming to sound like a local, this guide is your one-stop shop for all things slang.

So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the quirkiest, coolest, and downright confusing expressions that make English so much fun!

What’s the Deal with English Slang?

Let’s start with the basics. Slang is like the rebel cousin of proper language. It’s the language of the streets, the chatrooms, and the hip hangouts.

Unlike formal English, slang is all about breaking the rules and injecting personality into your words. It’s the secret handshake that lets you into the cool kids’ club.

Classic Slang Words

Before we get into the modern-day gems, let’s pay homage to the OGs – the timeless classics that have stood the test of time.

From “cool beans” to “groovy” and “far out,” we’ll explore the vintage slang words that your grandma might have used when she was your age.

Slang for the Modern Era

Alright, let’s fast forward to the present. Millennials and Gen Z have given birth to a whole new breed of slang words.

From “lit” to “woke,” “savage” to “on fleek,” we’ll break down the trendiest terms that are taking the internet and real life by storm. Get ready to update your vocab game!

Slang Across the Globe

English is a global language, and slang has its own passport. In this chapter, we’ll embark on a linguistic world tour, exploring how different regions put their unique spin on the English language.

Whether it’s the “bloody” British, the “eh”-loving Canadians, or the “g’day mate” Aussies, we’ll uncover the slang that sets each culture apart.

TV, Movies, and Music

Ever binge-watched a TV series and found yourself adopting the characters’ slang? Yeah, us too. In this chapter, we’ll unravel the influence of pop culture on the slang we use.

From “FOMO” to “YOLO,” these terms didn’t just materialize out of thin air – they were born on screen, in lyrics, and on the lips of our favorite celebrities.

Social Media Speak

The digital age has brought us closer, one hashtag at a time. Social media platforms have become breeding grounds for new slang words, abbreviations, and acronyms.

In this chapter, we’ll decode the online lingo that’s taking over your feeds.

Do’s of Slang in Casual English:

  • Stay Chill:
    • Do: Keep it chill when using slang. It’s all about being laid-back and adding a touch of informality to your conversations.


  • Be in the Loop:
    • Do: Stay in the loop with the latest slang trends. Being up-to-date makes you sound more with it.


  • Test the Waters:
    • Do: Test the waters with new slang words in casual settings. It’s like trying on a new outfit – see how it fits the vibe.


  • Mix and Match:
    • Do: Mix slang with regular language. It’s like creating a linguistic cocktail – a bit of slang, a dash of formality.


  • Keep It Natural:
    • Do: Let it flow naturally. Slang should feel like second nature, not forced or rehearsed.


  • Show Your Personality:
    • Do: Use slang that reflects your personality. Whether you’re quirky, sarcastic, or laid-back, let your slang match your vibe.


  • Have a Laugh:
    • Do: Use slang for humor. It’s a great way to inject some fun into your conversations.


  • Express Yourself:
    • Do: Use slang to express yourself uniquely. It adds a personal touch that regular language might miss.


Don’ts of Slang in Casual English:


  • Don’t Go Overboard:
    • Don’t: Go overboard with slang. Too much can be like dumping a whole bottle of hot sauce on your meal – overwhelming.


  • Don’t Force It:
    • Don’t: Force slang into conversations where it doesn’t fit. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – just awkward.


  • Avoid Misfires:
    • Don’t: Use slang without knowing its meaning. You don’t want to drop a bomb when you meant to say something cool.


  • Don’t Assume Universal Understanding:
    • Don’t: Assume everyone gets your slang. Not everyone might be on the same slang wavelength, and that’s okay.


  • Steer Clear of Inappropriate Slang:
    • Don’t: Use inappropriate slang, especially in mixed company. Keep it PG unless you’re sure everyone’s on the same page.


  • Don’t Forget Non-Verbal Cues:
    • Don’t: Ignore non-verbal cues. If people start looking confused, you might be taking the slang train too fast.


  • Avoid Slang Overload:
    • Don’t: Rely only on slang. It’s a spice, not the whole dish. Mix it up to keep things interesting.


  • Don’t Overanalyze:
    • Don’t: Overanalyze your slang game. It’s not a science; it’s more like an art. If it feels right, roll with it.

Remember, using slang is like adding seasoning to your language.

A pinch here and there can enhance the flavor, but drown your words in it, and you might end up with linguistic indigestion.

Just have fun and go with the flow!

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:


Meaning: Exciting, amazing, or on fire.

Example: The party last night was so lit! I danced until dawn.


Meaning: Relaxed or calm.

Example: Let’s just have a chill night in and watch movies.


Meaning: Bold, fearless, or brutally honest.

Example: Did you hear her response? That was savage!


Meaning: Fear Of Missing Out.

Example: I couldn’t say no to the concert; I had serious FOMO.

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:


Meaning: You Only Live Once.

Example: I’m buying that plane ticket. YOLO!


Meaning: Excellent or cool.

Example: Your new sneakers are so dope!


Meaning: A close group of friends.

Example: Saturday night plans? Calling up the squad!


Meaning: Before Anyone Else, a term of endearment.

Example: Date night with my bae is always the best.

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:


Meaning: To do something exceptionally well.

Example: She slayed that presentation at work.

Throw Shade:

Meaning: To subtly insult or criticize someone.

Example: Why are you always throwing shade my way?


Meaning: Greatest Of All Time.

Example: Michael Jordan is the GOAT of basketball.


Meaning: A very attractive person.

Example: Did you see that new guy? Total snack!

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:


Meaning: Relatable or expressing a feeling.

Example: Waking up on a Monday be like: “mood.”


Meaning: To show off or boast.

Example: He loves to flex about his new car.


Meaning: A job or small task.

Example: I have a gig babysitting tonight.


Meaning: Gossip or information.

Example: Spill the tea – what happened at the party?

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:


Meaning: Agreement or confirmation.

Example: Going to the movies later? Bet!


Meaning: Lie or exaggeration.

Example: I swear I aced that test. No cap!


Meaning: Socially aware or enlightened.

Example: After that documentary, I feel so woke about climate change.


Meaning: To suddenly stop responding or disappear.

Example: He totally ghosted me after our date.

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:


Meaning: Showing off, especially regarding material possessions.

Example: He’s always flexin’ his designer clothes on Instagram.

Lit AF:

Meaning: Extremely exciting or awesome.

Example: That concert last night was lit AF!


Meaning: Everything is good or cool.

Example: Everything’s Gucci; no need to worry.


Meaning: Desperate for attention or validation.

Example: Why is he commenting on every photo? So thirsty!

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:


Meaning: Cool, trendy, or stylish.

Example: Your outfit is wavy; where did you get it?


Meaning: Influence or popularity.

Example: He gained so much clout after his viral video.

Squad Goals:

Meaning: Aspiring to have a group of friends as cool as someone else’s.

Example: Look at that tight-knit group; total squad goals!


Meaning: Extremely crazy or wild.

Example: The party got cray-cray after midnight.

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:


Meaning: Angry or irritable due to hunger.

Example: I need food ASAP; I’m getting hangry!


Meaning: High-quality or excellent.

Example: Those tacos were dank; I need the recipe.

Hundo P:

Meaning: 100%, completely sure.

Example: Are you coming to the party? Hundo P!


Meaning: Another way to express that something is exciting or lively.

Example: The atmosphere at the club was so litty last night.

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:

Bless Up:

Meaning: Wishing someone well or expressing gratitude.

Example: Just aced my exam; bless up!


Meaning: Conforming to mainstream trends, lacking originality.

Example: That pumpkin spice latte is so basic.


Meaning: To endorse or support a romantic pairing.

Example: I totally ship them; they’d make a cute couple.


Meaning: Openly or conspicuously.

Example: I high-key want pizza for dinner.

Common slang words with meanings and example sentences:


Meaning: Secretly or subtly.

Example: I’m low-key obsessed with that TV show.

Litmus Test:

Meaning: A way to measure someone’s true intentions or character.

Example: Meeting the parents is the ultimate litmus test in a relationship.


Meaning: Joy Of Missing Out, the opposite of FOMO.

Example: Staying in tonight and feeling some serious JOMO.


Meaning: On point or perfect.

Example: Your eyebrows are on fleek today!

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