29 Slang Words You Need to Know

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Slang is the informal, casual language that’s constantly evolving and changing with each new generation.

Whether it’s from pop culture, social media, or just creative kids making up new words, slang helps add color and personality to the way we speak.

If you feel out of the loop on some of the latest slang terms, this guide will get you up to speed with 29 new words that are popular right now.

From the trendy to the baffling, these slang words cover a wide range of meanings and situations.

1. Snatched

Meaning: Looking stylish, sexy, and on point with your outfit/appearance.
Example: “Did you see her outfit last night? She looked totally snatched.”

2. Period

Meaning: An emphatic way to end a sentence, expressing finality.
Example: “I’m not going to that party, period.”

3. Wig

Meaning: A expression of dramatic surprise or being amazed by something.
Example: “That concert had me snatching my wig off!”

4. Shade

Meaning: To throw subtle insults or make disrespectful comments about someone.
Example: “She was throwing so much shade at her ex.”

5. Tea

Meaning: Gossip or personal information about someone’s life.
Example: “I have all the tea about what happened at the party.”

6. Slay

Meaning: To be extremely successful, talented or amazing at something.
Example: “She totally slayed that performance!”

7. Sip

Meaning: To drink tea/enjoy gossip.
Example: “I’m just going to sip this tea about the drama.”

8. Low-key

Meaning: Something that is underrated, unappreciated or on the down-low.
Example: “That restaurant is low-key amazing.”

9. Salty

Meaning: Bitter, upset or aggressively negative about something.
Example: “Don’t be so salty, it’s just a game.”

10. Extra

Meaning: Over the top, excessive or doing too much.
Example: “Her reaction was so extra.”

11. Curve

Meaning: To reject, ignore or shut someone down.
Example: “She totally curved him when he asked her out.”

12. Shook

Meaning: Surprised, shaken or caught off guard.
Example: “I was shook when I saw my grade.”

13. Fire

Meaning: Something that is excellent, hot or amazing.
Example: “Her new album is straight fire!”

14. Ghosted

Meaning: When someone abruptly cuts off all communication without explanation.
Example: “He totally ghosted me after our date.”

15. Sip Tea

Meaning: To silently observe or watch drama unfold.
Example: “I’m just going to sip my tea while they argue.”

16. Gucci

Meaning: Something that is good, okay or satisfactory.
Example: “Don’t worry, everything is gucci.”

17. Snatched

Meaning: Looking stylish, sexy and on point with your outfit/appearance.
Example: “She’s always snatched with her makeup on point.”

18. Secure the Bag

Meaning: To get money, a deal or profit by any means.
Example: “I secured the bag with my new job.”

19. Big Yikes

Meaning: A reaction to an awkward, cringeworthy or disappointing situation.
Example: “Big yikes when she spilled her drink all over herself.”

20. Wig Snatched

Meaning: To be completely amazed, shocked or blown away.
Example: “That concert had my wig snatched off!”

21. Snack

Meaning: Someone who is good looking, attractive or “tasty.”
Example: “She’s such a total snack.”

22. Sus

Meaning: Suspicious or shady behavior/situation.
Example: “His alibi seems a little sus to me.”

23. Sipping Tea

Meaning: Gossiping or talking about drama/personal details.
Example: “The girls were sipping tea about the new couple.”

24. No Cap

Meaning: A way to emphasize you’re not lying or telling the truth.
Example: “No cap, I got a perfect score on that test.”

25. Body

Meaning: A way to hype someone up for their attractive physical appearance.
Example: “She has an insane body!”

26. Kick Rocks

Meaning: A rude way to dismiss someone/tell them to go away.
Example: “Kick rocks, I don’t want your advice.”

27. Sco

Meaning: A shortened version of “What’s good?” to greet someone.
Example: “Sco girls, what are we doing tonight?”

28. Bet

Meaning: A way to agree to something or say “Okay.”
Example: “You want to go to the movies?” “Bet.”

29. Glowed Up

Meaning: When someone goes through a major glow up/transformation and looks better.
Example: “She really glowed up since high school.”

Those are 29 new slang words that you’ll be hearing around to describe everything from relationships, appearances, gossip, and expressions of surprise or amazement.

While slang comes and goes, staying on top of the latest lingo can help you communicate more effectively with younger generations.


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