7 Surprising Benefits of Learning English

Hello everyone,

If you are thinking about learning English, you have made a great choice!

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is the official language in many countries and is used as a common language for business and travel all over the globe.

But did you know that learning English has many surprising benefits beyond just communicating with more people?

In this lesson, we’ll explore 7 amazing advantages that come from studying this global language.

Benefit #1: It’s Good for Your Brain

Learning any new language is an excellent exercise for your brain. But English in particular gives your cognitive abilities an extra boost.

This is because English has a very unique grammar structure and writing system compared to many other languages. As you study English, you’ll have to learn new patterns of putting words together in sentences.

You’ll also need to master reading words that have irregular spelling compared to how they sound. Doing this causes new neural pathways to form in your brain as you acquire these novel language skills.

Researchers have found that being bilingual can delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been linked to improved memory, higher creativity, and better problem-solving abilities.

So by taking on the challenge of English, you’ll be giving your brain a great workout!

Benefit #2: More Career Opportunities

In our globalized world, employers in almost every country and industry value English skills.

By learning this international language, you’ll become a stronger job candidate and increase your career prospects.

If you work for a multinational company or in fields like tourism, aviation, or technology, English proficiency is often required.

But even for more locally-focused roles, English can help you communicate with colleagues, clients, and partners from other countries.

Many career advisors encourage people to list their English abilities prominently on their resumes and cover letters since it’s such a marketable asset.

With solid English under your belt, you’ll have a huge advantage when looking for jobs or promotions.

Benefit #3: Access to Education Resources

Do you dream of studying at a top university or taking specialized training courses?

Having English skills will open up a world of incredible educational resources for you.

Many of the world’s best colleges, universities, and vocational programs offer instruction completely in English or use English as a common language of instruction.

From engineering programs at MIT to business courses at Harvard, you’ll need a strong grasp of English to take full advantage of these premier learning opportunities.

The same goes for accessing free educational materials online like lectures, videos, articles, and documentaries which are often produced in English.

By learning this versatile language, you’ll gain the key to unlock so many more ways to grow your knowledge and advance your education.

Benefit #4: Make Friends Around the World

When you learn English, you’ll acquire the ability to connect and forge new friendships with people from cultures all across the globe.

Because English functions as a global lingua franca, it allows those who speak different native languages to communicate with one another.

By studying English, you’ll have a bridge to start conversations with individuals from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, and beyond.

Not only will this let you make new international friends and pen pals, but it will expose you to diverse worldviews and traditions.

Interacting with English speakers from various backgrounds can lead to greater cross-cultural understanding and appreciation for our shared human experiences.

You might even decide to become an English conversation partner to practice your skills while helping others learn the language.

Benefit #5: Unlock Entertainment Worlds

Learning English will grant you the keys to enjoying incredible movies, music, TV shows, books, video games, and other forms of entertainment produced all over the world.

So much of the popular media we consume today is created primarily in English.

By mastering this widespread language, you’ll be able to fully experience the latest Hollywood blockbusters, British sitcoms, Australian novels, American podcasts and video games without needing to rely on subtitles or translations.

You’ll pick up on the original humor, appreciate the wordplay, and catch all the subtle cultural references.

As an English speaker, you can sing along to songs, quote your favorite lines, and immerse yourself completely in whatever storytelling universe you love most.

Benefit #6: Travel With Ease

In addition to entertainment, having solid English skills will be a huge asset when traveling internationally.

English is considered the universal language used by hotels, airports, restaurants, tourist sites, and other places frequented by global visitors.

By learning English, you’ll find it much easier to navigate your way through cities and countries where you don’t know the local language.

You can ask for directions, order food, make reservations, and understand important signs and instructions.

Many travel experts advise studying at least some basic English phrases before visiting destinations, as it can make the entire experience smoother and less stressful.

Your trips will be so much more enjoyable when you can communicate effectively in the world’s lingua franca.

Benefit #7: Become a Stronger Thinker

Last but not least, learning English can actually help boost your overall thinking and reasoning abilities in some fascinating ways.

The English language has a very unique feature – it places a strong emphasis on clarity and precision.

Unlike some other languages which have more flexibility in their grammar structures, English requires you to organize your thoughts in a very linear, logical way.

When you construct sentences in English, you’ll need to clearly express the who, what, where, when, why, and how with the proper word order.

As you practice this linear way of communicating, it reinforces vital skills like giving precise explanations, formulating logical arguments, and conveying abstract concepts.

Over time, this systematic thinking can start spreading to other areas of your cognitive process, sharpening your reasoning abilities in general.

As you can see, the surprising benefits of learning English are truly extraordinary!

This global lingua franca doesn’t just allow you to communicate with more people around the world.

It exercises your brain, boosts your career prospects, opens doors to education, entertainment and travel opportunities, facilitates cross-cultural connections, and even enhances your overall thinking skills.

What other language manages to pack in so many amazing perks?

If you’ve been considering taking on the challenge of mastering English, I hope this list has convinced you to go for it.

It may take consistent practice and patience, but the incredible rewards make it all worthwhile.

Remember, acquiring a new language is an incredible gift to give your mind.

So, get started on your English learning journey today and unlock all these amazing benefits for yourself!

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