Top Online Resources to Improve Your English Skills

Learning English can be a challenge, but the internet provides many helpful resources to make it easier.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an advanced learner looking to become more fluent, there are websites, apps, videos, and other online tools available to improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities in English.

This lesson explores some of the best free and low-cost options out there.


One of the most popular language learning apps and websites, Duolingo makes practicing English easy and fun. It uses game-like lessons with speaking exercises, multiple-choice questions, and rewards to keep you motivated. The bite-sized lessons are perfect for practicing a little each day. Duolingo is free to use, though you can pay to remove ads.


Babbel is another highly rated app and online platform for learning languages like English. Its lessons focus on practical conversation skills through speech recognition, visuals, and repetition. Babbel requires a paid subscription but offers a free trial period.

Open Culture Online Courses

The Open Culture website provides free online courses and other resources to learn English at no cost. Their offerings include full video lessons, grammar guides, vocabulary lists, and more curated from sources across the internet. A great budget-friendly option for self-directed learners.

English Central

This learning program uses amusing music videos, TV shows, and movie clips to teach English through entertaining content. You can read along with interactive subtitles and complete comprehension activities. The basic version is free with the ability to upgrade for more features.

USA Learns

Managed by the U.S. government, USA Learns provides a comprehensive multi-level English course completely free of charge. The website includes instruction on vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and more for beginners to advanced students.

Perfectly Spoken

For practicing conversational English and pronunciation, Perfectly Spoken offers videos and dialogues by English speakers from around the world. Learners can compare their speech against native speakers and get feedback. Plans range from free to paid premium options.

As the name implies, aims to expand your English vocabulary through adaptive learning activities. You can create an account to track your progress across tens of thousands of words, definitions, and usage examples – all for free.


This unique language learning social network lets you post questions and receive explanations from native English speakers about anything from idioms to pronunciation. The basic Q&A is free, with paid plans for more lessons.

Lyrics Training

Music is highly effective for language acquisition. Lyrics Training utilizes songs across genres by displaying lyric videos with timed subtitles for you to fill in the blanks and check your comprehension. No sign-up required for the free content.

Developed by an English teacher named Vicky, this blog hosts free detailed video lessons covering grammar topics, speaking practice, vocabulary builders, and more. All content is available at no cost.

BBC Learning English

The British Broadcasting Company offers a wonderful free resource packed with learning materials at multiple levels. Discover videos, quizzes, word games, audio programs, and articles for boosting English proficiency.


With over a million subscribers on YouTube, Engvid provides hundreds of video lessons covering grammar rules, exam preparation, pronunciation, and more for English language learners of all abilities.

Easy World of English

This YouTube channel supplies simple video explanations for beginners on basic English conversation, vocabulary, idioms, slang, and how to use common phrases correctly. Just hit play!

For longer audio lessons you can listen to anytime, maintains a sizable free collection of English podcasts on vocabulary, slang, culture, and accent training. Each episode is transcribed for reading along.


NativAccent takes a focus on accent reduction to help non-native speakers improve their pronunciation and conversational flow.

Sign up for the free trial to access video courses and receive feedback on your spoken English.

The resources above represent just a small sample of what’s available online for studying and practicing English at no or very little cost.

With interactive exercises, multimedia content, mobile apps, and tutoring services, the internet provides limitless pathways for enhancing your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking proficiency from anywhere in the world.

Be sure to take advantage of these valuable tools!

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