English Speaking Basics: Use Simple English

Hi, I am Manoj and I help you with your communication skills. That’s what I do on this blog.

Now, there’s something that I want to speak about with you today and I will really try hard to keep it short.

All right, so what I want to speak about with you today is about using simple English. Yes, this is a problem that you’re facing. You can’t really deny it.

You want to be good at English. But the thing is that you are lagging somewhere.

Now you must be thinking that I am advocating usage of simple English, but I myself using a few words which may sound really nice.

OK, by nice I mean they sound fancy, but I want to tell you how things happen here. Where you start, what happens in the process and where you head to.

If you read the blog till the very end, I’m sure things are going to make sense to you, and they are going to clear a few doubts in your head regarding English.

What I want to say here is that in order to speak proper fluent English, you do not need to use difficult words. You do not need to use difficult English.

You can be simple and at the same time you can be extremely attractive because of simplicity.

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I’m telling you; I am running this blog and I’ve been writing posts, helping people with their English and other stuff around it.

And I’m telling you people a lot of times they comment me and tell me we love the way you write so simply, and this is something this idea of creating a blog post on this topic has been picked from the comments. 

I am addressing something that I have observed from creation of all this content for you. People have told me off and on that Manoj, we love your English.

It’s so simple. We understand it. Probably you are the only person we understand so easily. And I’m telling you it is a major positive.

It’s a major, major positive when people tell me that your English is easy to understand. We love the way you speak. You, you take time. You don’t rush through the words.

I’m telling you I am creating blog posts and teaching from a very long time, and I’m telling you that I’m not usually this calm.

When I am composing blog posts for you, I generally try to keep my words easy to understand. I slow it down. The reason is that I want to be understood.

I want to make sense. I want to engage you; I want you to read my blog. I want you to hear my message. And that can only happen if I’m able to connect with you.

And how does this connection establish?

It establishes when my message. It is regularly being clear to you, and that can happen only when I am continuously speaking in a manner that is reaching your heart, your brain. You’re able to figure out the message.

That is what I’m trying to do right now. So, I want to tell you that I’ll give you a very simple example to make you understand my point. Say the simple thing is that when you want to reach from point A to point B.

You just need a vehicle. You need a car. Or maybe let’s just call it a car. You need a car from point A to point B, right? It does not matter if the car is a Tesla, or it is a Toyota or it is an Audi or it is a Maruti Suzuki. It does not matter if the goal is clear. You want to be from point A to point B.

The goal is clear. The goal is to be able to speak in English. That’s it. It does not matter if your words are extremely, super, supremely amazing and your speech sounds fancy does not matter.

Now I’ll come to the point where I’m telling you, OK, let me get back to my example first. So my point with my example was that in order to reach from a place to another place, you don’t need a fancy car, you just need a car.

That’s it, right? So, use the simplest words and start talking more, talking more, and speaking more English. All right,

Now the other thing, right in the beginning I addressed something. I said that I am myself using some fancy words, and at the same time I’m advocating.

The thought of using simple words. Now this is exactly how it happens. Our brain, our, I mean we human beings, we are designed in a particular fashion.

We are designed in a particular manner. We are bound to learn. You cannot stop your learning till the time you’re alive.

So, if you are alive and you’re observing because observation happens on its own, if all of these things are happening in your life and you’re observing.

You’re bound to improve with your language and that is how it has happened with me.

I initially when I started learning English, I was struggling with even the basic words and today I can for sure say that I am more or less, I wouldn’t say I’m extremely good, but yes, I do know a few good words.

And the best thing is that it’s not just about knowing those words. Sometimes you know the words. But it’s difficult to use those words while you’re talking.

And first you learn the word, and then the word has to occur in your brain at the right time when you’re talking. Only then will you be able to use the word.

Getting my point. I’ll give you one more example to explain my point. So, let’s say there’s a word, dress, something that you wear. OK And then there is a better word. Attire. OK, attire.

Now if I’m talking to you, of course I will. I’ll be taking a pause. I mean, I may be taking a pause during writing, but otherwise, if I’m speaking to you, I mean when we are face to face talking, I cannot stop and cannot pause and think of a better word. Think of attire and then talk.

Attire has to strike my mind right when I’m speaking with you right now. This happens with practice. It happens with practice. And all I want to say is, if it can happen to me with practice, it can happen to you with practice, right?

I mean, we are all made-up of the same stuff, same, right?

That is all that I had to say to you probably have covered everything that I had to. 

you can develop with time, but for now it is important that you start, and you start with the most basic.

Trust me, it will happen for you because it is impossible for not to happen. It is impossible for a human being to not learn when he or she is trying to learn.

It is actually impossible that you do not learn when you are actually trying to learn. It will happen to you. All you’ve got to do is keep on with your journey. Because if you pause, it’s very difficult to start again.

Now I’m creating this post almost after taking a break for a week, you know, I’m very frequent with my posts.

I don’t usually take a break, but of course I have a few things going on with my life and I’m unable to create more blog posts for you right now and I’m really fighting hard to find out time for you.

And right now, I mean when I’ve already taken a break of maybe 7 or 10 days, I don’t know how many days have already gone by.

Whenever you pause, it’s very difficult to start again. Don’t pause, OK? I am there for you. 

Let’s just be there and let’s keep learning and let’s keep growing because growth happens when learning happens, right? If you like this post, let me know, in the comments and share with a friend that you care for.

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