My Favorite YouTube Channels

According to recently published information, YouTube is the most popular Internet platform for youngsters.

Following that, I thought to myself, “perhaps I should write an article about my favorite YouTube channels so people can start exploring.”

I thought it’d be a pretty good idea if I shared with you some of my favorite YouTube channels.

I love YouTube. It’s a free database, a free resource to learn anything you want. It helps you to learn and improve your English. And the coolest part for me is that here on YouTube.

There are videos, most under 30 minutes, for which you can turn on subtitles if you need them. And there’s a huge variety of videos by people from all walks of life.

And if you, you know, want to diversify the content you consume in English, you might want to consider these options that I’m going to suggest.

OK, so I have chosen some of my favorite channels that are more or less universal.

And the first channel that I want to recommend is the channel called Gabriel Iglesias. Gabriel Iglesias AKA Fluffy is a standup comedian.

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His performances and his stories are hilarious. He recently became one of my favorite standup comedians.

The videos on the channel are short like 5 minutes long. But one of the things that you will find very helpful is built in huge subtitles on almost every video. And if there are no subtitles.

You can always turn on the ones that are automatically generated by YouTube.

Although his speech is really clear, he certainly sometimes speak fast, and he jokes around.

And we all know that for non-native speakers it might be difficult sometimes to understand jokes. So, subtitles in this case are very helpful.

If you like the comedy genre and you want to spend time improving your English but also have fun and have a great laugh, I highly recommend this channel.

 The Joe Rogan Experience

It bothers me that Joe Rogan is a divisive figure because his interviews are so refreshing and inspiring.

He breaks complicated subjects with ease with many of his guests.

His and his guests point out issues in both extreme opinions that most people seem to hold, and they examine a more reasonable position.

He interviews politicians, scientists, journalists, authors, comedians, and fighters, among others.

In the next category of informative channels Brainy Dose and Brew Science Insider features videos on different topics, proving or debunking some common myths and beliefs from a scientific standpoint.

Brew, as it says in the channel description, solves mysteries. Most of the videos are called the truth about “Something or What Happens When,” and so on.

It brings you high quality informational and educational videos.

This channel covers a wide variety of subjects, including psychology, self-improvement, motivation, fascinating facts, love and relationships, health and wellness, and much more.

These channels have a ton of interesting stuff and are for really curious people, and all of them have subtitles available.

A traveling channel. Kara and Nate, this is a very cool in my opinion.

Travelling vlog videos are filmed very nicely and I love how they describe places and there is a sweet couple.

They’ve traveled to 100 countries and seven continents and they’re sharing their experiences. They’ve even been to Ukraine.

If you like traveling vlogs, you can try to watch this one again.

You can turn on subtitles that are automatically generated by YouTube.

Even if it doesn’t say under the video that there are subtitles, you can still turn them on.

I know, not always, though YouTube would occasionally skip the video.

Now this channel. Observe, this channel is about nonverbal communication, which is body language, profiling and so on.

And there are lots of videos. That analyze the behavior of famous people as well as criminals.

To me, it’s beyond interesting. I love such stuff. I love true crime stories, forensic science, all that jazz.

But this stuff is definitely not for everyone.

The Impact theory episodes on the Tom Bilyeu channel, I’d say, are for the ones whose listening skills are on a good level.

For the ones who are used to listening to or watching something in English. The episodes are long.

Almost every video is an hour or two. An hour and a half long, Tom interviews different people from the business world, for example, and celebrities and they share their life stories and rose to success.

This channel was created to inspire other people to pursue their dreams by showing examples of others who succeeded in something.

There is an app which can help improve you English with ease.  Let’s talk about the Woodpecker learning app and the first thing that I would like to say that it’s free. It’s free to download and free to use.

There are in app purchases that allow you to upgrade it more in this in a minute, but you can download it and start using it right away. Now, I personally think that this app is just a savior for a language learner.

It’s a video player app built for English learners. They have over 300,000 videos in English, all with subtitles. And now let me tell you how it works. And what’s the best part?

You choose a video to watch from the recommended videos or you can choose a topic and watch a video on that topic. There are subtitles and you can click on any word to see its meaning or translation.

You don’t need to pause the video and browse for the word you don’t know. Very convenient. Saves lots of time, right?

Because as most of us are learning English at home and exactly by watching videos, we all know how looking up the meanings of words we don’t know.

Takes all the fun out of it and how exhausting it can be, so this app will help you make this process smoother and more enjoyable.

You can also save words you looked up to your word in history and go through them later. It’ll help you learn new vocabulary faster. You can repeat phrases and improve your pronunciation and browse the entire script of the video you’re watching.

Again, you can download it for free. I would really recommend that you watch everything in English.

It’ll help you improve your English tremendously, listening to different people, different manners of speaking, different vocabulary.

It would be super beneficial. You can immerse yourself in the language completely while staying at home, right?

Plus, while you’re improving your English. You can educate yourself about other things. I know I suggested a lot of channels. This was so you have a range of choices, but these are just name a few.

You don’t necessarily have to watch them or like them.

These are just my personal favorites and I know from my own experience that if I’m truly interested in something and I watch videos about it in English. It’s so much easier for me to understand, concentrate and remember things.

So, find something that you really enjoy and watch it in English on YouTube.

OK, thanks guys for reading this.

By the way, what is your favorite YouTube channel?

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