Spoken English Conversation: Expressing Opinions / Preferences

Spoken English Conversation: Expressing Opinions and Preferences

Sarah: Hey, Josh! I’m thinking of watching a movie tonight. Do you have any suggestions?

Josh: Oh, definitely! How about we watch that new superhero movie? I heard it’s really action-packed and fun.

Sarah: Hmm, I’m not a huge fan of superhero movies. I prefer something more lighthearted and funny.

Josh: Got it! How about a comedy then? There’s this new one out with that actor you like. It’s supposed to be hilarious.

Sarah: Oh, yeah! I’ve been wanting to see that. Sounds perfect!

Josh: Great! We can grab some popcorn and have a good laugh. What do you think?

Sarah: Sounds like a plan to me! Thanks for the suggestion, Josh.

Josh: Anytime, Sarah! I’m always up for a movie night.


Spoken English Conversation: Expressing Opinions and Preferences

Emma: Hey, Tom! I’m thinking of redecorating my room. What do you think I should do?

Tom: Oh, cool! Well, do you like bright colors or more neutral tones?

Emma: I’m more into bright colors. They make me feel happy and energetic.

Tom: That’s awesome! How about adding some colorful throw pillows and a vibrant rug to your room?

Emma: Ooh, I love that idea! And maybe some colorful wall art too.

Tom: Definitely! It’ll add a pop of color and personality to your space.

Emma: Thanks, Tom! You’re so good at this. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Tom: No problem, Emma! I’m excited to help you create your dream room.

Spoken English Conversation: Expressing Opinions and Preferences


Alex: Hey, Lily! I’m thinking of ordering pizza for dinner tonight. Do you have any preferences?

Lily: Hmm, pizza sounds great! I’m a vegetarian though, so I’d prefer something without meat.

Alex: Noted! How about a veggie pizza with lots of mushrooms, bell peppers, and olives?

Lily: Oh, that sounds delicious! And maybe we can add some extra cheese too.

Alex: Perfect! I’m all for extra cheese. Do you have any favorite toppings?

Lily: I love spinach on my pizza. It adds a nice flavor.

Alex: Spinach it is! I’ll make sure to include that. Anything else you’d like?

Lily: Nope, that sounds perfect to me. Thanks for accommodating my vegetarian preference, Alex!

Alex: No problem at all, Lily! I’m glad we could find something we both enjoy.

Spoken English Conversation: Expressing Opinions and Preferences


Chris: Hi, Emily! I’m thinking of going for a hike this weekend. What do you think?

Emily: Oh, that sounds like a great idea! I love being out in nature. Where were you thinking of going?

Chris: Well, I was considering that trail up in the mountains. The views are supposed to be stunning.

Emily: Hmm, I’m not sure. I prefer hiking in forests rather than mountains. It feels more peaceful to me.

Chris: Got it! How about we compromise and find a trail that offers both forest and mountain views?

Emily: That sounds like the perfect solution! Do you know of any trails like that?

Chris: I think there’s one a bit further out that fits the bill. It’s got a mix of both landscapes.

Emily: Awesome! Let’s go for that one then. Thanks for being flexible, Chris.

Chris: Of course, Emily! I want us both to enjoy our time outdoors.

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