Advanced TEFL/ESL Conversation Topics

In this lesson, we’ll be looking at 6 advanced English topics with 10 questions each to discuss with advanced English learners.

These questions are really helpful if you want your students to talk freely and think in a logical way.

I am happy to share the topics/questions I have been using to get people talking, build fluency and make connections.

The Impact of Globalization on Local Cultures:

How has globalization influenced the preservation or adaptation of local cultures in your community or region?

Can you share an example of a cultural tradition or practice that has been affected by globalization?

What role do you think technology and communication play in shaping cultural exchange and globalization?

Have you ever witnessed resistance or backlash against globalization within a local community? What were the reasons behind it?

Can you recommend a book or documentary that explores the impact of globalization on local cultures?

How do you think globalization has affected the way people perceive their own cultural identity?

What efforts do you think are important for preserving and celebrating local cultures in the face of globalization?

Have you ever experienced cultural exchange or immersion while traveling to a different country? What did you learn from the experience?

How do you think globalization has influenced cuisine and food culture around the world?

Can you share a personal experience where you’ve witnessed the positive or negative effects of globalization on local cultures?

Explore more topics:

Mindfulness Practices and Meditation Techniques:

How do you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, and what benefits have you noticed?

Can you share a favorite meditation technique or mindfulness exercise that helps you stay grounded?

How has mindfulness practice influenced your mental and emotional well-being?

Have you ever participated in a mindfulness retreat or workshop? What was the experience like?

Can you recommend a meditation app or guided meditation that you find helpful?

How do you stay present and mindful during challenging or stressful situations?

What role do you think mindfulness plays in cultivating compassion and empathy towards others?

Have you noticed any changes in your perspective or outlook on life since starting a mindfulness practice?

How do you introduce mindfulness to others who may be new to the concept?

Can you share a mindfulness tip or technique that has had a profound impact on your life?

Innovation in the Arts and Entertainment Industry:

What recent innovations in the arts and entertainment industry have caught your attention, and why?

Can you share an example of a groundbreaking technology or technique that has transformed the way we experience art or entertainment?

How do you think technology has influenced the creation and distribution of artistic content?

Have you ever experienced a fusion of different art forms or genres that resulted in something truly innovative?

Can you recommend a contemporary artist or entertainer who is pushing the boundaries of their craft?

How do you balance between embracing new innovations and preserving traditional artistic practices?

What role do you think collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches play in fostering innovation in the arts?

Have you attended any immersive or interactive art exhibitions or performances? What was your experience like?

How do you think virtual reality and augmented reality will impact the future of entertainment?

Can you share a prediction for the next big innovation in the arts and entertainment industry?

Supernatural Phenomena and Paranormal Experiences:

What is your perspective on supernatural phenomena and paranormal experiences?

Can you share a personal encounter with the supernatural or paranormal that left a lasting impression on you?

How do you approach skepticism and belief when it comes to supernatural claims?

Have you ever investigated or researched a reported paranormal phenomenon? What did you discover?

Can you recommend a book or documentary that explores supernatural phenomena from a critical perspective?

How do cultural beliefs and traditions influence interpretations of supernatural experiences?

What role do you think psychology plays in understanding and explaining purported paranormal phenomena?

Have you ever participated in a paranormal investigation or ghost hunt? What did you experience?

How do you navigate conversations about the supernatural with skeptics or non-believers?

Can you share a theory or explanation for a paranormal phenomenon that you find particularly compelling?

Philosophical Debates on Free Will vs. Determinism:

What is your stance on the debate between free will and determinism, and what factors have influenced your perspective?

Can you explain the concept of free will and determinism in your own words?

How do you reconcile the idea of personal responsibility with the concept of determinism?

Have you encountered any real-life scenarios or ethical dilemmas that highlight the tension between free will and determinism?

Can you recommend a book or philosophical work that presents a compelling argument for either free will or determinism?

How do you think advances in neuroscience and psychology have influenced the debate between free will and determinism?

What role do you think randomness or indeterminacy plays in the universe, if any?

Have you ever engaged in a philosophical discussion or debate about free will vs. determinism? What insights did you gain?

How do cultural and religious beliefs influence perspectives on free will and determinism?

Can you share a personal experience or anecdote that challenged your beliefs about free will or determinism.

Adventure Experiences and Adrenaline Rushes:

What draws you to adventure experiences and seeking adrenaline rushes?

Can you share a memorable adventure or adrenaline-fueled activity you’ve participated in?

How do adventure experiences contribute to personal growth and self-discovery?

Have you ever faced fear or uncertainty during an adventure, and how did you overcome it?

Can you recommend an adrenaline-pumping activity or destination for thrill-seekers?

How do you balance safety and risk-taking when engaging in adventurous activities?

What’s one adventure on your bucket list that you’re excited to experience?

Have you ever felt a sense of camaraderie or connection with others during an adventure? How did it enhance the experience?

How do adventure experiences help you break out of your comfort zone and push your limits?

Can you share a lesson you’ve learned from an adventure experience that you apply to other areas of your life?


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