Advanced English Topics for Conversation

In this lesson, we’ll be looking at 7 advanced English topics with 10 questions each to discuss with advanced English learners.

These questions are really helpful if you want your students to talk freely and think in a logical way.

I am happy to share the topics/questions I have been using to get people talking, build fluency and make connections.

Current Events and News Topics:

What’s a recent news story or current event that has caught your attention, and why?

How do you stay informed about current events and news topics? Any favorite news sources?

Can you share an opinion or perspective on a controversial current event that’s been dominating headlines?

Have you ever been directly affected by a major current event or news story? How did it impact you?

Do you think social media platforms effectively disseminate news, or do they contribute to misinformation?

Are there any global issues or crises that you’re particularly passionate about raising awareness for?

How do you navigate conversations with people who have differing opinions on current events?

What’s one positive news story or development that you’ve come across recently?

Do you think the media accurately represents the diversity of perspectives on current events? Why or why not?

Are there any upcoming events or developments that you’re eagerly following in the news?

Cultural Differences and Similarities:

Can you share an experience where you encountered a cultural difference that surprised or fascinated you?

What’s one aspect of a different culture that you admire or find particularly interesting?

Have you ever traveled to a country with a vastly different culture from your own? What was your experience like?

How do you think cultural differences contribute to enriching our understanding of the world?

Can you share a tradition or custom from your own culture that you cherish?

Do you believe that cultural exchange and globalization are erasing unique cultural identities, or do they promote diversity?

Have you ever faced challenges or misunderstandings due to cultural differences? How did you navigate them?

What’s one thing you wish more people understood about your culture?

Can you share a cultural practice or belief that you find difficult to explain to outsiders?

How do you think exposure to different cultures can influence personal growth and empathy?

Technology Advancements and Their Impact:

What’s one technological advancement in recent years that has significantly impacted your daily life?

How do you think technology has changed the way we communicate and interact with one another?

Can you share a positive aspect of technology that you’re grateful for?

Do you think technology has made our lives more convenient or more complicated? Why?

Have you ever experienced the downside of technology addiction or over-reliance on digital devices?

How do you stay informed about the latest technological trends and advancements?

Can you share a prediction about the future of technology that excites or concerns you?

What’s one piece of technology that you wish existed but hasn’t been invented yet?

How do you think advancements in artificial intelligence will shape the future of society and work?

Do you believe that technological progress should be regulated to address ethical and societal concerns?

Food and Culinary Experiences:

What’s your favorite dish or cuisine, and what memories does it evoke for you?

Can you share a memorable dining experience you’ve had while traveling?

How do you think food reflects cultural identity and heritage?

Have you ever tried cooking a dish from a different culture? How did it turn out?

Can you recommend a must-try food or dish from your own culture?

Do you enjoy experimenting with new ingredients or recipes in the kitchen?

Have you ever had a food-related mishap or funny kitchen story? What happened?

What’s one food trend or culinary innovation that you’re excited about?

How do you think food brings people together and fosters connections?

Can you share a childhood food memory that holds sentimental value for you?

Personal Anecdotes or Memorable Experiences:

Can you share a funny or embarrassing personal anecdote that still makes you laugh?

What’s a memorable experience from your childhood that shaped who you are today?

Have you ever had a serendipitous encounter or experience that felt like fate?

Can you recall a moment when you stepped out of your comfort zone and it led to a positive outcome?

What’s one lesson you’ve learned from a challenging or difficult experience in your life?

Do you have a favorite family tradition or ritual that you look forward to each year?

Can you share a heartwarming act of kindness that someone has done for you?

What’s a spontaneous adventure or road trip that turned into an unforgettable experience?

Have you ever experienced a moment of pure joy or bliss? What were the circumstances?

Can you recall a moment when you felt a strong sense of pride or accomplishment?

Music Preferences and Concert Experiences:

What genre of music resonates with you the most, and why?

Can you share a memorable concert experience that left a lasting impression on you?

How does music influence your mood or emotions on a daily basis?

Do you have a favorite music artist or band that you’ve been following for years?

Have you ever discovered a new favorite song or artist at a live music event?

Can you recall a song that holds sentimental value or brings back fond memories?

What’s your go-to playlist or song for lifting your spirits on a tough day?

Do you prefer attending small, intimate concerts or large-scale music festivals? Why?

Have you ever tried creating your own music or learning to play an instrument?

Can you recommend a lesser-known music artist or band that deserves more recognition?

Environmental Sustainability and Conservation Efforts:

What inspired you to become more conscious about environmental sustainability and conservation?

Can you share a simple lifestyle change you’ve made to reduce your environmental footprint?

How do you incorporate sustainability practices into your daily routine?

Have you ever participated in a volunteer effort or community project focused on environmental conservation?

What’s one environmental issue that you’re particularly passionate about addressing?

Can you recommend eco-friendly products or brands that you support?

How do you educate others about the importance of environmental sustainability?

Have you ever visited a destination known for its conservation efforts or eco-tourism initiatives?

What role do you think businesses and governments should play in promoting environmental sustainability?

Can you share a success story or example of positive change resulting from conservation efforts?

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