English Collocations with Meanings and Examples

In this blog, I am going to talk about collocations. Collocation in English is like a language dance where certain words love to hang out together.

These are buddy words; they cozy up next to each other, creating a natural, harmonious connection.

Think of it as the perfect pairing in the language world – words that just click and sound right together.

So, when you’re chatting or writing, pay attention to these word BFFs and watch your sentences groove with that awesome linguistic rhythm!

Why use English collocations:

Using English collocations is like adding a splash of flavor to your language cocktail. It’s like putting on the perfect outfit – it just feels right!

Collocations make your expressions more natural, more like how native speakers talk. They add a sprinkle of charm to your sentences and help you sound effortlessly cool.

So, why not jazz up your conversations with these language buddies?

It’s like giving your words a little party hat – they stand out and everyone has a good time!

Here’s a list of English collocations along with sample sentences:

  • Break the ice:
    • Meaning: To start a conversation in a social setting, especially when meeting new people.
    • Sample sentence: Playing a fun game is a great way to break the ice at parties.


  • Catch someone’s eye:
    • Meaning: To attract someone’s attention.
    • Sample sentence: His unique style of drawing really caught my eye in the art gallery.


  • Make a difference:
    • Meaning: To have a positive impact or bring about change.
    • Sample sentence: Volunteering at the village school can make a real difference in the community.


  • Miss the boat:
    • Meaning: To lose an opportunity or be too late to take advantage of something.
    • Sample sentence: If you don’t submit your application on time, you’ll miss the boat for the scholarship.


  • Hit the jackpot:
    • Meaning: To achieve great success or gain a large reward, often unexpectedly.
    • Sample sentence: Starting his own business was a risk, but in the end, he hit the jackpot and became a millionaire.


English collocations along with sample sentences:

  • Throw in the towel:
    • Meaning: To give up or surrender; to quit.
    • Sample sentence: After hours of trying to fix the computer, he finally threw in the towel and called for professional help.


  • Cost an arm and a leg:
    • Meaning: To be very expensive.
    • Sample sentence: Buying a new smartphone these days can cost an arm and a leg.


  • Jump on the bandwagon:
    • Meaning: To adopt a popular trend or activity.
    • Sample sentence: Many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and incorporating eco-friendly practices.


  • Piece of cake:
    • Meaning: Something very easy to do.
    • Sample sentence: Solving this puzzle was a piece of cake for her; she’s a puzzle master.

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English collocations along with sample sentences:


  • Hit the books:
    • Meaning: To study or start studying intensively.
    • Sample sentence: With exams approaching, it’s time to hit the books and review all the material.


  • Spill the beans:
    • Meaning: To disclose a secret or reveal information.
    • Sample sentence: I can’t keep it to myself any longer; I have to spill the beans about the surprise party.


  • Bite the bullet:
    • Meaning: To endure a painful or difficult situation with courage.
    • Sample sentence: Facing the challenging project, she had to bite the bullet and work extra hours to meet the deadline.


  • Kick the bucket:
    • Meaning: To die.
    • Sample sentence: Despite the vet’s efforts, our dog finally kicked the bucket.

English collocations along with sample sentences:


  • Burn the midnight oil:
    • Meaning: To work late into the night; to stay up very late working.
    • Sample sentence: With the deadline approaching, they had to burn the midnight oil to finish the report.


  • Jump to conclusions:
    • Meaning: To form an opinion or make a decision hastily without sufficient evidence.
    • Sample sentence: Let’s gather all the facts before we jump to conclusions about what happened.


  • Spick and span:
    • Meaning: Neat, clean, and well-organized.
    • Sample sentence: After a thorough cleaning, the house was spick and span for the guests.


  • Hit the hay:
    • Meaning: To go to bed or go to sleep.
    • Sample sentence: It’s been a long day; I’m going to hit the hay early tonight.

English collocations along with sample sentences:


  • Turn a blind eye:
    • Meaning: To ignore or pretend not to see something.
    • Sample sentence: The teacher decided to turn a blind eye to the students quietly sharing notes during the exam.


  • Cut to the chase:
    • Meaning: To get to the main point or important details without unnecessary discussion.
    • Sample sentence: Let’s cut to the chase and address the key issues in the meeting.


  • Keep an eye on:
    • Meaning: To watch or monitor something closely.
    • Sample sentence: Can you keep an eye on my bag while I go grab a coffee?


  • Behind the scenes:
    • Meaning: Happening or working secretly or out of sight.
    • Sample sentence: There’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes in organizing a successful event.

English collocations along with sample sentences:


  • Give someone a hand:
    • Meaning: To help or assist someone.
    • Sample sentence: Can you give me a hand with these heavy boxes?


  • Hit the road:
    • Meaning: To start a journey or leave a place.
    • Sample sentence: We need to hit the road early to avoid traffic.


  • Face the music:
    • Meaning: To confront the consequences of one’s actions.
    • Sample sentence: After breaking the vase, he had to face the music and admit his mistake.


  • Throw caution to the wind:
    • Meaning: To take a risk; to act without worrying about the consequences.
    • Sample sentence: Sometimes, you just have to throw caution to the wind and try something new.


  • Bury the hatchet:
    • Meaning: To make peace or reconcile after a conflict.
    • Sample sentence: It’s time for us to bury the hatchet and move forward.

English collocations along with sample sentences:


  • Jump through hoops:
    • Meaning: To go through a lot of difficulties or obstacles to achieve something.
    • Sample sentence: I had to jump through hoops to get all the necessary paperwork done for the project.


  • Cutting-edge:
    • Meaning: Extremely modern and innovative.
    • Sample sentence: The company is known for its cutting-edge technology in the field of robotics.


  • Grin and bear it:
    • Meaning: To endure a difficult or unpleasant situation with a smile.
    • Sample sentence: Even though the weather was terrible, we had to grin and bear it during the outdoor event.


  • Cost of living:
    • Meaning: The average cost of basic necessities, such as housing, food, and transportation, in a particular area.
    • Sample sentence: The cost of living in the city is much higher than in the towns.


  • Throw in the towel:
    • Meaning: To give up or surrender; to quit.
    • Sample sentence: After facing repeated setbacks, she decided to throw in the towel and pursue a different career.


  • Ride the wave:
    • Meaning: To go along with or take advantage of a favorable situation.
    • Sample sentence: During the economic boom, many businesses were able to ride the wave of success.

English collocations along with sample sentences:


  • Cut corners:
    • Meaning: To take shortcuts or do something in the easiest and cheapest way, often sacrificing quality.
    • Sample sentence: We can’t cut corners on safety measures; it’s essential to follow all the protocols.


  • Turn over a new leaf:
    • Meaning: To make a fresh start or begin a new, improved phase of life.
    • Sample sentence: After the divorce, she decided to turn over a new leaf and focus on her personal growth.


  • Fit like a glove:
    • Meaning: Perfectly suited or tailored to a particular situation.
    • Sample sentence: The new dress fit her like a glove, and she looked stunning at the party.


  • On the same page:
    • Meaning: In agreement or having the same understanding about a situation.
    • Sample sentence: It’s important that the team is on the same page regarding the project goals.

English collocations along with sample sentences:


  • On cloud nine:
    • Meaning: Extremely happy or elated.
    • Sample sentence: After receiving the promotion, she was on cloud nine for days.


  • A breath of fresh air:
    • Meaning: Something new and refreshing; a positive change.
    • Sample sentence: The new manager brought a breath of fresh air to the team with innovative ideas.


  • In the nick of time:
    • Meaning: Just in time; at the last possible moment.
    • Sample sentence: The ambulance arrived in the nick of time, saving the injured hiker.


  • The ball is in your court:
    • Meaning: It’s your turn to take action or make a decision.
    • Sample sentence: I’ve done everything I can to help; now the ball is in your court to decide the next steps.


These English collocations can add color and expressiveness to your language use. Enjoy and use them into your conversations!

Let me know your favorites in the comment.

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