English Short Stories for Beginners

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Let’s read two stories about two siblings and their bond.

The settings of these stories are Mumbai and Varanasi, India. You’ll come across, a lot of new words and phrases.

Let’s get started with the joy of reading stories.

English Short Story -1

In the busy city of Mumbai, where the streets were filled with the sounds of people’s lives coming together, there were two siblings named Aarav and Diya.

Their lives were like a mix of opposites, where the noisy streets of the city met the peacefulness of their small home hidden in a calm corner.

Aarav, the older brother, was a person with big dreams.

He always looked up at the tall skyscrapers that stood tall in the sky, like guardians of progress.

He was a dreamer, always thinking about success and how to make his dreams come true.

On the other hand, Diya, his younger sister, was a kind and caring person.

Her heart was full of love and understanding for all the people who lived in their busy city.

Aarav and Diya were different from each other, but they had a special connection that was formed during tough times.

Their parents, who used to be their source of strength, had passed away when they were young.

This left them to face the challenges of life all by themselves.

However, instead of giving up, they held onto each other, and their bond became stronger with each passing day.

As they walked through the busy streets of Mumbai, Aarav and Diya found comfort in their shared dreams of a brighter future.

Aarav worked tirelessly, spending his days striving for success in the competitive world of finance.

On the other hand, Diya found joy in her job as a social worker, dedicating herself to improving the lives of the city’s most vulnerable people.

But things took a different turn as time went on.

Aarav’s quick success in the finance world had a price – his desire for more driving a wedge between him and his sister.

Diya, heartbroken by her brother’s change, struggled between staying loyal to her family and sticking to her own beliefs.

In the middle of their troubles, a random meeting with an old woman changed everything.

The woman, a weaver, shared with them the wisdom of many years, teaching them how to weave intricate patterns from the threads of fate.

Encouraged by her advice, Aarav and Diya understood that no matter what obstacles they faced, their bond as siblings was strong, woven into the very fabric of their lives.

With a newfound determination, Aarav and Diya decided to fix their broken relationship.

They worked on resolving their disagreements and finding the power in their unity.

They started a journey to create a new definition of success, one that focused on caring for others and understanding their struggles.

As they strolled through the busy streets of Mumbai, holding hands, Aarav and Diya felt confident that they could face any challenges that came their way.

They believed that their lives were connected by destiny, and they were ready to tackle whatever the future had in store for them.

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English Short Story -2

In the olden town of Varanasi, where the Ganges shimmered like a shiny ribbon beneath the watchful eyes of towering temples, dwelled two siblings, Ananya and Vikram.

Their world was filled with age-old customs, where the whispers of rituals from centuries past blended with the lively beat of present-day existence.

Ananya, the older sister, cherished tales and legends, her mind a treasure chest overflowing with stories passed down through countless generations.

She sought solace in the ancient texts and holy scriptures that adorned the shelves of their home, her fingertips gently tracing the faded pages as she delved into the enigmas of bygone eras.

Vikram, her younger brother, was an explorer at heart, his adventurous spirit as wild as the river that meandered through their city.

He wandered the streets of Varanasi with wide-eyed wonder, his gaze filled with the excitement of unearthing new discoveries.

Ananya and Vikram were different in many ways, but they both had a strong connection to their shared heritage.

Their ancestors had been keepers of the eternal flame in their city, and now it was their turn to protect this important legacy.

Walking through the streets of Varanasi, they followed in the footsteps of those who had come before them.

As they got older, Ananya and Vikram faced a dilemma – should they stick to tradition or explore new horizons?

Ananya wanted to hold onto her roots, preserving the ancient customs and rituals that were part of their culture.

On the other hand, Vikram was drawn to the unknown, dreaming of far-off lands beyond their city’s borders.

Ananya and Vikram felt a strong connection as they gazed at the Ganges River during sunset in Varanasi.

They knew that their sibling bond would help them overcome any challenges they may face in the future.

The ancient city’s rich history intertwined with their own heritage, creating a sense of unity that echoed in their hearts.


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