The Ultimate Guide To Online English Teaching

Hello everyone,

Are you looking for a job that allows you to work from home and set your own schedule?

Do you want an opportunity to use your English skills to help others learn this important language?

If so, online English teaching could be the perfect career path for you!

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about getting started as an online English teacher.

We’ll discuss the qualifications and equipment you need, where to find job openings, how to prepare for interviews, methods for engaging students virtually, and more.

Let’s dive in!

What is Online English Teaching?

Online English teaching involves using video conferencing technology to provide English language instruction to students remotely.

The students can be located anywhere in the world – you simply need a stable internet connection to connect with them virtually.

There are many different types of online English teaching jobs available.

Some companies hire teachers to provide one-on-one tutoring, while others have teachers instruct bigger virtual classroom settings with multiple students at once.

The classes can cover general English skills like reading, writing, listening, and speaking, or focus on specific areas like grammar, pronunciation, business English, and test preparation.

Who Can Become an Online English Teacher?

One of the great things about online English teaching is that people from all different backgrounds can pursue this career path.

However, most companies do have some basic requirements that teachers need to meet, such as:

• Being a native English speaker or having native-level English proficiency
• Holding a bachelor’s degree in any field
• Having some prior teaching experience, even if it was just tutoring
• Passing an English teaching exam and/or mock teaching test
• Owning basic teaching equipment like a computer, webcam, and headset
• Having a decent internet connection speed

The specific qualifications can vary quite a bit between different online English teaching companies.

Some may require advanced teaching certificates, while others have fairly minimal requirements as long as you’re an energetic native speaker.

Do your research to find companies that are a good fit for your background and experience level.

Where to Find Online English Teaching Jobs

So where exactly can you find legit online English teaching jobs?

Here are some of the top places to start your search:

Job Boards – Sites like,, and frequently list openings for online ESL teachers

Online Teaching Companies – Many large companies like VIPKID, QKids, Gogokid, Sayabc, and EF Education First hire thousands of online English teachers

Freelance Marketplaces – Platforms like Preply and Italki allow you to create a tutor profile and be hired directly by students seeking online English lessons

Social Media – Follow #onlineenglishteacher or #onlinetutor on social sites to see job opportunities shared by companies and individuals

When browsing job listings, look for opportunities that seem like a good fit for your qualifications, schedule preferences, and income goals.

Full-time and part-time roles are available, as well as short-term gig or project-based work.

Preparing for the Online English Teacher Interview

Once you’ve identified some promising online English teaching opportunities, it’s time to get ready for the interview and hiring process.

Here are some common steps companies may require:

Submitting your resume/CV and proof of qualifications
Recording a self-introduction video explaining why you’d be a great online teacher
Passing an English teaching exam covering grammar rules, reading comprehension, etc.
Delivering a short demo lesson to evaluate your teaching abilities
Participating in a live video interview to assess your communication skills

During any mock teaching demonstrations or interviews, be sure to showcase the following abilities:

Strong command of the English language and lesson content
Engaging teaching style that incorporates visuals, examples, and interaction
Adaptability to adjust lessons for students’ ages, levels, and learning styles
Patience, positivity, and great virtual communication skills
Familiarity with online teaching tools like digital whiteboards and screen sharing

Preparing thorough lesson plans, having excellent audio/video quality, and dressing professionally can also make a great impression during the interview process.

Essential Equipment for Online English Teachers

To be an effective online English teacher, you’ll need some basic equipment and hardware.

Most companies require teachers to have:

A desktop or laptop computer running updated software
A quality webcam and headset with a microphone for clear audio/video
Fast and stable internet upload/download speeds (at least 3-5 Mbps recommended)
A quiet teaching space or home office set up for virtual instruction

Beyond that baseline equipment, some teachers also invest in additional tools like:

Quality HD webcam and USB microphone for outstanding audio/video transmission
Dual monitor setup to easily view lesson materials on one screen and students on another
Interactive whiteboard tools like an iPad/tablet and digital stylus
Proper lighting equipment like ring lights to illuminate your teaching space
Fun virtual backgrounds and props to incorporate into lessons

While not absolutely required, having a professional home setup with quality audio/video gear can really enhance the learning experience for online English students.

Effective Teaching Methods for Online Classes

Once you’ve landed an online English teaching job, it’s crucial to develop effective teaching strategies tailored for the virtual classroom environment. Some key best practices include:

Keep Lessons Interactive & Engaging

Since students can’t interact with you in person, make sure to build in lots of opportunities for participation, discussion, and dialogue practice into your online lessons.

Use tools like screen annotations, chat functions, polls, and activities from online whiteboards to keep things interactive.

Use Visuals & Multimedia Tactics

Adding images, videos, slideshows, and screen sharing can go a long way in capturing students’ attention spans during remote lessons. Incorporate lots of visual stimuli to illustrate language concepts.

Incorporate Gamification & Rewards

Things like scoring points, winning badges or stickers, or earning spots on a classroom leaderboard can provide great motivation for English learners. Find ways to add an element of friendly competition and excitement.

Chunk Information & Take Breaks

Online learning requires extra focus. Break up lessons into digestible chunks and build in periodic breaks to re-energize and refocus students.

Leverage Technology Tools & Resources

From digital flashcards and learning games to collaborative whiteboards and screen recording tools, leverage a variety of ed-tech resources to modernize your online teaching approach.

Provide Opportunities for Self-Study

Augment live class time by providing students with bonus practice materials, learning apps, video lessons, or gamified quizzes they can use to reinforce their English skills independently.

Be Animated & Keep Them Engaged

Since you don’t have an in-person presence, exaggerate your facial expressions, hand gestures, voice inflections, and overall energy level when teaching online to maximize engagement.

Of course, the ideal online teaching strategies can vary based on factors like your students’ ages, English levels, learning objectives, and virtual classroom platform capabilities.

But following tips like these can really help replicate an immersive and effective learning experience in the remote online setting.

The Benefits of Teaching English Online

At this point, you’re likely wondering – what are the biggest perks and advantages of pursuing a career in online English teaching?

Here are some of the major benefits:

Earn a great income from the comfort of your own home
Enjoy a flexible schedule that fits your life
Avoid any commute and teach from anywhere with internet
Meet students from all around the world and immerse yourself in new cultures
Build valuable skills like virtual communication, digital savviness, and creative teaching methods
Find work opportunities that fit your experience level
Make a difference and help others achieve their English language goals!

While it does require special techniques compared to in-person teaching, many online English teachers deeply enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and sense of purpose that this career path provides.

Teaching English online allows you to be location-independent (work from anywhere!), build your own schedule around your personal life, and access boundless job opportunities on a global scale.

Plus, you get to form bonds with English language learners from diverse cultural backgrounds around the world.

So, if you’re looking for an enriching, flexible way to utilize your English skills while embracing the remote work lifestyle, taking the leap into online English teaching could be an incredibly fulfilling decision.

Use the tips from this lesson to get started in this exciting industry!

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