Sentences with “supposed to” and its usage

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Are you confused about when and how to use “supposed to” in English sentences?

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This phrase may seem tricky at first, but once you understand its usage, you’ll find it’s quite simple.

In this lesson, we’ll explore what “supposed to” means, how to use it correctly, and give you lots of examples to help you grasp its usage easily.

Understanding “Supposed To”

“Supposed to” is a common English phrase used to talk about expectations, obligations, or things that are assumed to happen based on rules, beliefs, or agreements.

It often indicates what is considered normal, proper, or expected in a particular situation.

How to Use “Supposed To”

Talking about Expectations: Use “supposed to” to express what is expected or required in a given situation. For example:

You’re supposed to wear a helmet while riding a bike.

Employees are supposed to arrive at work on time.

Expressing Assumptions or Beliefs: “Supposed to” can also convey assumptions or beliefs about what should happen. For instance:

The bus is supposed to arrive at 9:00 a.m.

She’s supposed to be an excellent cook.

Describing Social Norms or Rules: Use “supposed to” to describe social norms, conventions, or rules that are commonly understood. For example:

You’re not supposed to talk with your mouth full.

Students are supposed to raise their hands before speaking in class.

Indicating Obligation or Duty: “Supposed to” can imply a sense of obligation or duty to fulfill certain responsibilities. For instance:

I’m supposed to clean my room every Saturday.

Parents are supposed to take care of their children.

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Examples in Context

Let’s see “supposed to” in action with some examples:

Talking about Expectations:

Before: Students are supposed to study for their exams.

Now: Tom was supposed to call me, but he hasn’t yet.

Expressing Assumptions or Beliefs:

Before: The mail is supposed to come by noon.

Now: She’s supposed to know the answer, as she’s an expert in this field.

Describing Social Norms or Rules:

Before: You’re supposed to say “thank you” when someone helps you.

Now: People aren’t supposed to smoke in public places.

Indicating Obligation or Duty:

Before: Employees are supposed to attend the meeting.

Now: I’m supposed to finish this report by Friday.

Wrapping Up

Hope you now have a better understanding of how and when to use “supposed to” in English sentences.

Remember, it’s a handy phrase for expressing expectations, assumptions, norms, or obligations in various situations.

Keep practicing, and soon using “supposed to” will become second nature to you. 

Now, let’s look at sentences with “supposed to”.

Sentences with “supposed to”

You’re supposed to wear a seatbelt while driving.

Students are supposed to study for their exams.

We’re supposed to be at the meeting by 9:00 a.m.

She’s supposed to return the library books by Friday.

According to the schedule, the train is supposed to arrive at 3:00 p.m.

Parents are supposed to supervise their children at the playground.

Employees are supposed to submit their reports by the end of the week.

You’re supposed to RSVP by tomorrow if you’re attending the party.

The restaurant is supposed to open at 11:00 for lunch.

We’re supposed to bring a dish to share for the potluck dinner.

According to the weather forecast, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

Children are supposed to ask for permission before leaving the house.

Guests are supposed to take off their shoes before entering the house.

She’s supposed to be on a diet, but she keeps eating junk food.

The movie is supposed to start in ten minutes.

According to tradition, the bride is supposed to wear white on her wedding day.

Employees are supposed to clock in before starting their shift.

You’re supposed to brush your teeth twice a day for good oral hygiene.

Students are supposed to raise their hands before speaking in class.

The package is supposed to be delivered by tomorrow afternoon.

We’re supposed to bring our own towels to the swimming pool.

She’s supposed to know how to swim, but she’s afraid of water.

According to etiquette, you’re supposed to shake hands when you meet someone for the first time.

Employees are supposed to take breaks every two hours.

You’re supposed to turn off the lights when you leave a room to save energy.

The book is supposed to be returned to the library within two weeks.

According to the recipe, the cake is supposed to bake for 30 minutes.

We’re supposed to wear uniforms to work.

She’s supposed to be on vacation this week, but she’s still coming to the office.

According to the rules, you’re supposed to wait your turn in line.

Sentences with “supposed to”

The dog is supposed to be walked at least twice a day.

We’re supposed to call our parents on their anniversary.

According to the schedule, the flight is supposed to depart at 6:00 a.m.

Guests are supposed to RSVP by the end of the week.

Employees are supposed to attend the mandatory training session next Monday.

You’re supposed to refrigerate the leftovers to keep them fresh.

Students are supposed to complete their homework before the next class.

According to the rules, players are supposed to follow the referee’s decisions.

We’re supposed to bring a gift for the host of the party.

She’s supposed to take medication three times a day for her condition.

Sentences with “supposed to”

Parents are supposed to teach their children good manners.

According to tradition, the bride is supposed to toss the bouquet at the wedding reception.

We’re supposed to turn off our electronic devices during takeoff and landing on a flight.

Employees are supposed to report any safety hazards to their supervisor immediately.

You’re supposed to let the cake cool before frosting it.

Students are supposed to hand in their assignments by the deadline.

According to the instructions, the medicine is supposed to be taken with food.

Guests are supposed to sign the guestbook when they arrive at the party.

We’re supposed to bring our own reusable bags when we go grocery shopping.

She’s supposed to water the plants every other day while her roommate is away.


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