English Dialogues About the Appraisal

Hello everyone,

In today’s lesson, we will read 2 short English dialogues about the appraisal.

Please pay attention to the phrases and new words. There are tons of them.

These dialogues will help boost your speaking as well as writing skills.

Let’s get started.

English Dialogues About the Appraisal -1

Person A: Hey, did you get a chance to check your appraisal results?

Person B: Yeah, I did. I’m still processing it. How about you?

Person A: I did too. I was actually pretty happy with mine. I got a good rating and a decent raise. What about you? How did it go?

Person B: It was okay, I guess. My rating was fine, but the raise was lower than I expected. I put in a lot of extra hours last quarter, so I was hoping for a bit more.

Person A: That’s tough. Did they give you any specific feedback on why the raise wasn’t as high as you anticipated?

Person B: They mentioned that the budget was tighter this year and that even though my performance was good, they had to make some difficult decisions. They also said something about focusing on non-monetary rewards, but honestly, I was hoping for a bit more financial recognition.

Person A: I understand. Sometimes it feels like the extra effort goes unnoticed. Are you thinking about discussing it further with your manager?

Person B: I’m considering it. I think I’ll ask for a meeting to get more detailed feedback and understand what I can do to aim for a better raise next time. Do you think that’s a good idea?

Person A: Definitely. It’s always good to seek clarity and show that you’re committed to improving. Just be sure to approach it constructively. Maybe also highlight some of the extra projects you worked on.

Person B: That’s a good point. I’ll prepare a list of my contributions and frame my questions around how I can align better with the company’s goals. How do you feel about your appraisal meeting? Was there anything surprising?

Person A: Not really. My manager was pretty transparent throughout the year, so I had a good idea of where I stood. We also discussed some new projects I might be taking on, which is exciting.

Person B: That’s great to hear. I guess I need to work on having more regular check-ins with my manager. Maybe that would help avoid surprises in the future.

Person A: Absolutely. Regular feedback can make a big difference. Good luck with your meeting! Let me know how it goes.

Person B: Thanks, I will. And congratulations again on your appraisal. You deserve it!

Person A: Thanks! I’m sure things will work out for you too. Just keep pushing forward.

English Dialogues About the Appraisal -2

Person A: Hey, how did your appraisal go?

Person B: It was a mixed bag, honestly. How about yours?

Person A: Mine was pretty positive. I got a high rating and a good bonus. But I’m curious, what do you mean by mixed bag?

Person B: Well, my performance rating was decent, but the raise was almost negligible. I was expecting a bit more given the projects I’ve completed this year.

Person A: That’s frustrating. Did your manager explain why the raise was so small?

Person B: They mentioned budget constraints and said that the company had to be conservative with raises this year. They acknowledged my hard work but said it was more about financial limitations than performance.

Person A: That’s a tough situation. Did they offer any other forms of recognition or compensation?

Person B: They talked about more opportunities for professional development and some potential leadership roles in upcoming projects. But it’s hard not to feel a bit demotivated without a better financial reward.

Person A: I get that. It’s important to feel valued. Do you think you’ll follow up with your manager to discuss it more?

Person B: I think I will. I want to get a clearer picture of what I can do to improve my standing for next year. Maybe I can also negotiate some immediate benefits like additional vacation days or flexible working hours.

Person A: That sounds like a good plan. It’s definitely worth having that conversation to understand their perspective and make your case.

Person B: Thanks. I’m also thinking about asking for more frequent feedback sessions so I can stay on track throughout the year. How did you approach your appraisal meeting?

Person A: I made sure to document all my achievements and align them with the company’s goals. I also had regular check-ins with my manager, which helped me stay aligned with expectations.

Person B: That’s smart. I guess I need to start doing the same. It might help me avoid surprises and make my efforts more visible.

Person A: Absolutely. Transparency and regular communication can make a big difference. Good luck with your follow-up meeting. Let me know how it goes.

Person B: Thanks, I will. And congrats again on your positive appraisal. You deserve it!

Person A: Thanks! I’m sure you’ll get there too. Just keep pushing and stay proactive.

Person B: Will do. Thanks for the advice and support!

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